QPR-8K Series

Friday 31st May 2019

Samsung 8K

Perfect reality for your business

Samsung QLED 8K Signage provides a truly remarkable solution for businesses looking to display impacting content on a thin display that can blend perfectly with its surroundings. Leading industry publications all agree that its stunning 8K resolution, AI-powered upscaling, brilliant picture quality with 100% colour volume and unprecedented 4,000 nits of peak brightness put it above all the rest.

8k Samsung

As our screens get bigger, so does our resolution

Screen sizes are growing and signage over 65” is becoming overrated as businesses aim to offer more impacting and differentiated experiences to customers. With a display this big, are you sure 4K imagery is enough?


Top 3 Features


True 8K Resolution

Let your viewers see the bigger picture and not the pixels.

8K AI Upscaling

Ensure your content is showcased in glorious 8K resolution – even if it’s not filmed in 8K.


Quantum Processor 8K

Achieve stunning 8K detail thanks to a machine-learning processor.


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