Digital Kiosk

Digital Kiosk

Make an impact with digital kiosks and engage your customers in an interactive and informative way.

At TVC, we have a variety of kiosk options to suit your business, from landscape and tower kiosks to wall-mounted alternatives, we’re sure to find a solution that works.

We use only the most advanced technology to ensure your customers receive a flawless experience and boost your business’ image.

So, what are the benefits?

In a world where consumers are increasingly more reliant and comfortable with technology, digital kiosks are the way forward in a wide range of industries.

With advantages for both the customer and the business, a digital kiosk can reduce crowding and queues, are a great way to advertise, and offer information to your customer with just a touch.

At TVC, we’ve worked with restaurants, hotels, leisure centres and even football arenas, all businesses determined to improve their customer’s overall experience and reap the advantages of digital kiosks.


Kiosks provide a safe platform for any customers who may be cautious about handing over sensitive information to a member of staff. They can minimize their interaction and make their purchase or input their details on the kiosk, reducing the chance of human error.

Reduce Crowding

A handful of kiosks in a restaurant, takeaway, or hotel lobby can be a great way to reduce congestion. Typically, kiosks are more efficient than speaking to a member of staff, and can even reduce your staffing overheads.

Round-the-clock care

When outdoors, a digital kiosk can help you reach your customers even outside of business hours to make certain you never miss a sale. Load your digital kiosk with events, information and advertisements, and show your clientele that you value their custom even after the doors shut.

Low maintenance

No need for training, appraising, or disciplining, a digital kiosk provides information at a glance, and gives your customer a digital interaction that displays your message quickly and easily. They’re also designed for 24/7 use, unlike domestic tablets and screens, making them an extremely untroublesome piece of technology.



Power Timer

The environmentally friendly power timer on digital kiosks enables you to schedule daily or weekly on and off times for your screen, ensuring it is only in use when necessary and enhancing your environmental efficiency.

24/7 Commercial Grade

Crafted for uninterrupted use in public spaces, these displays employ commercial-grade LCD panels, LED backlights, and internal components. This ensures they can operate 24/7 for over 70,000 hours. To prevent tampering, they are also devoid of external buttons or controls.

Built-In Speakers

Elevate your digital signage solution by incorporating an audio element through the two integrated slimline speakers.

Easy Manoeuvrability

Thanks to the lightweight design, integrated castors, and recessed rear handles, these displays provide a portable solution that can be easily moved around. For more permanent installations, the retractable feet can be used to secure the display in place.

Solutions and installations

When working with TVC, we provide a highly skilled and experienced manager for your project, so that we can ensure all your needs are fully met. We will advise the best available options for you and ensure you receive the best digital kiosk solution for your business.

It may be that you want to install the equipment yourself, however, TVC also offer a full installation package. Our team of proficient installers will make the entire experience stress-free and provide a professional service to make sure your equipment is set up correctly.

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