Retail has always been an incredibly competitive industry, with store owners rising to the occasion with creative and unique gimmicks to draw customers in.

State-of-the-art audio visual systems are fast becoming a part of this draw, increasing the aesthetic value of the venues and therefore becoming more inviting to new visitors.




TVC has been at the forefront of the shift in the visual retail perspective. Our retail digital signage, audio, and visual solutions are tailored to deliver information to the retailer’s target audience, whilst welcoming, promoting, advertising and entertaining.

This creates a unique design whilst providing innovative automation and control, making your showroom or shopping experience more pleasurable for customers who expect more today than ever before.

At TVC we have designed and installed a number of digital AV solutions specifically designed for the retail environment so you can rest assured that our wealth of experience in this sector will attract customers into your store, therefore not only reinforcing your brand image but also generating that all-important revenue stream too.




Digital signage

Digital signage is now being widely used in retail environments for effectively communicating with your customers, conveying information about in-store special offers, new products, directing customers to other parts of the store and so much more. With consumers now being more technology aware customers want access to products, information, deals etc. all in one place so using signage solutions allows you to deliver an interactive and immersive cross-channel shopping experience that can set apart your brand from your competitors. Use strategically placed screens you could reach your customers at the point of sale and bring in more footfall to your business, increasing sales and overall brand awareness. Signage technology can even allow you to gain insight into shopping habits and preferences allowing you to target your signage to particular products that sell well for example.




Video walls

Video walls offer an ideal solution in a retail environment as they can be as large as you want them to be. Fill small or large areas with multiples screens to display HD videos or images on screens with narrow bezels and impressive imagery creates that real wow factor to your customers. TVC use a number of manufacturers such as Samsung, NEC, LG and Sharp which enable us to offer you a video wall solution tailored to your needs.





In addition to screens and video walls we can also install high-quality audio to add to the customers overall retail experience. As retail is becoming more reliant on audio visual technology, we realise the importance of being able to showcase and engage with your audience whilst at the same time ensuring that your business runs with a streamlined, cost-effective process.  We can even offer you solutions for using outdoor displays too.


Installations and solutions

We are proud of our reputation for excellent levels of customer service from installation to on-going maintenance of your retail systems and believe we offer a service that is second to none. We are able to tailor all the solutions we offer to your requirements, considering every single aspect of your project.

So, no matter what your vision is for your retail business let us show you at TVC just how much further you can take your business.