High Brightness Displays

High Brightness Display

Always on top of the latest technology, in the past few years TVC have invested into multiple high brightness display options for their customer’s screen solutions.

An easy way to stand out on the high street, or any other external signage, High Brightness Displays are one of the fastest growing screen options for outdoor use, due to their high clarity.

What is a High Brightness Display?

Simply put, a high brightness display, is a display with high brightness! It’s a screen that is specifically designed to be visible in brightly lit areas, primarily indirect sunlight. This makes it the ideal choice for external use and window displays.

A normal screen isn’t very effective in an outdoor setting, as it starts to act more like a mirror than digital signage in brighter environments.

This is due to something called ‘candela’ or cd/m2, which is basically just a fancy scientific term for the unit used to measure the brightness of a source of light.

A typical screen will have 200-300  cd/m2, giving it its mirror-like qualities indirect sunlight , whereas a high brightness display will range between 2500-4500 cd/m2.

This makes a hight bright screen at least four times better equipped to deal with a brightly lit environment!

Where to use a High Brightness Display?

High Brightness Displays are perfect for store windows, external pub, and restaurant beer gardens and digital advertisements.

Store High Bright Screen

Store windows

When deciding what type of screen to use in your window display you need to take into consideration how close the screen will be from the window.

If the screen is your primary focus and is laid against (or close to) the window, then a High Brightness Display is your best option, as it will be visible through the sun and daylight and draw your customers in.

High Bright Screen

External pub and restaurant displays

If your pub or restaurant regularly shows sporting events, or has outdoor promotional screens, then a high brightness display would be ideal. Highly visible to all your customers, a high bright screen will show your content at its maximum potential.

High Bright Screen

Outdoor Digital Signage

It’s crucial that any outdoor digital signage is visible to passers-by, whether it’s a smaller sign on the ground, or a large display in the air. High brightness displays immediately catch the attention of potential customers, especially compared with the lower candela screens with poor external visibility.

Solutions and installations

At TVC, we’re committed to ensuring that you get the best possible solution for your business, so when speaking with your dedicated project manager, they will advise you on whether they feel that a high brightness display is appropriate for your venue and guide you through the recommended solutions..

Our highly trained and experienced installation team will deliver and install your high brightness display screens, giving you the peace of mind and a smooth and seamless process.

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