Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers

Whether it’s foreground or background, a fully cohesive sound system can have a big impact on your customer’s overall experience. This is especially important outdoors, as choosing the wrong exterior speakers can lead to tinny sounding music, or just not be loud enough for the venue.

At TVC, we are audio experts and can easily assess the environment and advise you on how many speakers you should have, which ones would work best, and where they should be placed in order to create that crisp, easy to distinguish sound throughout your outdoor area.

Outdoor Speaker


Selecting the right speakers for your site is critical to ensuring your desired output is achieved. This sets the tone of a venue and creates ambience, atmosphere and feeling for clients that adds to the customer experience.

Our TVC professionals can help you choose from the large range of outdoor speakers available and choose the right ones for your business. For example, a hotel or restaurant using their speakers for soft, background music will have different speaker requirements than a holiday park using their sound system to deliver loud announcements to their guests or for outdoor entertainment.

TVC, with their extensive audio knowledge and experience, will know the appropriate system to put in place.

Outdoor Speaker Systems

Speakers, amplifiers and audio mixers

Creating the perfect atmosphere in your outdoor space will likely require multiple products to work together in order to generate your desired output.  Where you need to deliver audio in a professional and audible way and distribute to a specific area at a specified level, a combination of speakers and amplifiers are required.  The amplifier increases the strength of a signal, which allows high quality sound to be delivered through speakers.  Requiring foreground or background music, the size and acoustics of your outdoor venue and your budget will determine the audio solution that is best for you.

Audio mixers are also used to page messages of the same or differing content to multiple zones.  It’s perfect if you have a multi-purpose venue or need to utilise voice or digital messaging or are combining several audio in-puts.

TVC have the technical skills and industry experience to help you create the perfect outdoor audio solution for your business.

Outdoor Speaker

Exterior installations

Part of understanding your exterior audio requirements is considering the ease of installation in your venue.  It may be that you are installing the products yourself, but TVC also offer a full installation service to make your audio installation stress free.  At TVC we have a team of skilled, expert AV installers that will ensure your audio equipment is professionally installed and working in an audible and intelligible way that meets your specific requirements.  TVC want to ensure that your audio equipment is easy to use and reliable.

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