To put simply an audio mixer or sound mixer takes multiple audio sources and via its input channels adjusts the sounds to combine them or routes them to the desired output. When you think of an audio mixer, you likely think of a DJ’s mixing desk or console, but they are often used in a wider variety of commercial settings to ensure the distribution of content and audio in an easy and reliable way, that is going to last.

Who needs an audio mixer?

Commercial sound mixers are used across a wide variety of industries, from hospitality and retail, to offices and waiting rooms, to gyms and studios, as well as large event venues and sports stadiums. An audio mixer can bring atmosphere, ambience and feeling to a venue, which enhances the customer experience. While TVC will guide, advise, supply and install an audio system that is tailored to your needs, it is our aim to also provide a system that is simple in operation, requires minimal intervention and is easily understood, meaning we do all the technical bits, and you can do what you do best! So, whether you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your spa, full on entertainment for a party night, or be able to communicate with clients and employees, we will find the perfect solution for you.

Zone Controller Mixers

A zone mixer is ideal where you have multiple spaces to consider, particularly were they potentially have different needs. In a hotel you may require gentle background music in the restaurant area, while something more lively or atmospheric in the bar area and perhaps more foreground music in the banqueting suite for those disco nights! In a gym space you may want the main gym area to have foreground music that is uplifting and energising, while in the yoga studio you could create a meditative vibe, but you still want to be able to make announcements or contact employees as required in specified areas, such as the swimming pool.

Venues that create multiple experiences for clients under one roof, understand and appreciate the importance of quality audio delivered in the right way. Zone mixers allow you to page to each of these different areas differently or exclusively, depending on what you need to achieve.

Audio mixer supply and installation

If you require an audio mixer or audio equipment for your business, then TVC offer a wealth of experience and knowledge, that ensures you get the system you need. With a reliable and longstanding supply chain, TVC can also reassure you of the best prices and value for money for your system.

At the start of your audio project, however big or small, TVC will take the time to understand what you want the end result to be and will make the necessary assessments of your venue to ensure we advise you in the best possible way. We also have a professional and friendly team of installers who work throughout the UK and can ensure your audio equipment is expertly installed and producing the high quality of sound you require.

Benefits and features

• Commercial audio mixers are used for paging and public address to bring music, voice messages or digital messages into the space you desire, at the level you require

• Zone controlled mixers, are ideal for multi-purpose venues that provide various client experiences

• Designed for commercial use, audio mixers are designed for 24/7 use and are easy to operate and reliable

• TVC’s expert audio advice can help deliver quality sound mixers, whatever the setting

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