LED Wall

LED Wall

TVC has over 25 years’ experience in AV, specifying and installing LED video walls, LED Screens and bespoke LED solutions.

We proudly offer a wide selection of leading LED wall brands and boast an impressive track record of successful LED wall installations throughout the UK.

LED wall specifications can vary greatly; we’d always recommend using a knowledgeable supplier like TVC for your next installation. We can ensure that the installation is not only cost-effective but also tailored to the specific needs of your application.

LED Wall Solutions

Technology in this sector is now maturing and current LED video walls will offer excellent performance and a long service life.

Depending on the application, siting and size, different types of LED screen panel are specified according to customer requirements. Read on for all our LED video wall solutions.

 Video Walls

Video walls can be made up from either an array of specially-designed TV monitors or an arrangement of custom LED panels, often many metres wide.

In the past, video walls were more commonly used indoors, where people are likely to view them from a close distance, whereas a large LED wall would have been used outside – we’ve seen them for years at musical and sporting events.

However, technological advances now mean the boundaries between these two are merging; on this page we will concentrate on the amazing possibilities of the LED wall displays – for use inside and out.

For more information on conventional video walls, see this page on our site.

Micro LED

A micro LED video wall offers incredible resolution compared with a conventional LED display screen.

At its finest pitch (see below for details on screen pitch) a micro-LED wall is capable of challenging the best video wall built using conventional high-end monitors. It also offers greater contrast and a ‘faster’ refresh – meaning it’s suitable for the most demanding of input signals like video games and sports videos.

Flexible LED screen

A flexible LED screen is a real show-stopper, and at TVC we are now able to offer this amazing technology. Imagine a curved LED wall, sometimes called a ribbon LED wall.

No longer do you need to stick to flat surfaces when planning your next install; an LED wall can now follow the contours of interior or exterior architectural features to create something unique!

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED video screens can be deployed in an LED video wall or used as solus displays to create truly memorable experiences.

As pictures appear to ‘float’ in thin air, a wealth of new creative possibilities open up!

Outdoor LED Video Wall

TVC can specify and install your outdoor LED video wall just as easily as an indoor LED video wall. The latest waterproof units can even deliver an IP65 video wall!

There are two technologies available – DIP and SMD.  Historically a DIP LED wall offered greater waterproof properties but at the expense of quality as it used discrete LEDs embedded in epoxy. Recently however, lightweight SMD units with an exterior IP rating have reduced in price allowing their higher density LED panels to also be successfully used in outdoor displays.

LED Wall Installation

As a leading LED wall supplier, TVC’s excellent relationships with the industry’s major manufacturers is an advantage to any client. We’re always up to date with the latest trends in LED wall configuration, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and innovation.

As well as being able to supply our clients with the latest LED technology, we have our own expert team of AV engineers enabling us to offer a UK wide installation service.

Video Wall Controller

LED wall configuration is taken care of by a video wall controller. This is a dedicated microprocessor-controlled unit specially configured to work with the LED wall software.

A key part of the LED wall configuration and installation process, it allows the management of content across several screens in a multi-screen display. This gives you ultimate control over how your content is shown and lets you be flexible in how you visualise your sources.

Video Wall Specifications

As another important aspect of our comprehensive ‘specify and install’ service, we will sit down with you and help you determine the specifications for your LED wall.

LED wall configuration is much more than the physical size – although that is an important consideration.  We also consider the environment in which it will be installed, the audience, whether sound is a consideration and importantly (as we expand upon below) what content will be displayed.

Pixel Pitch

LED wall pixel pitch is a specification that describes the distance between the LEDs on the screen.

Dot pitch (or pixel pitch) is often measured in linear units – usually millimetres – with smaller numbers meaning higher resolution. Currently 0.7 – 50 mm is the range of possibilities. So closer pixel spacing produces a sharper image, as there are more dots in a given area.

Inevitably, higher resolution displays cost more, so at the specification stage it’s important to determine what is a good pixel pitch for the specific installation.  Knowing how near the audience will be to the display is probably the best indicator; the further away they are, the wider the dot pitch can be without it being too noticeable.

Another consideration is the type of content being displayed. Simple solid graphics require less detail than live action video.

LED Wall Resolution

Another factor that can be modified depending on closeness of viewers is the resolution of the display. This is independent of the LED wall size. Lower resolutions require less processing power and may not be noticeable on an overhead sign outside, for example.

On the other hand, the closer viewing distance of an LED wall showing text and fast-moving video needs to be at a higher resolution and frame rate.

Resolutions are completely customizable and source material can be easily scaled to suit each display.

IP Rating of an LED Wall

The meaning of IP Ratings can be checked on our IP rating chart page here. IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection.’

IP ratings are the accepted international standard for proofing against water and dust ingress.

Thus an IP68 LED wall would be dust-tight (6) and protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water (8.)

LED Wall Brightness

Again dependant on location, position and audience, LED wall brightness can be specified from 600 to a dazzling 15,000 NITs!

Auto-dimming for night-time use is of course available for many display systems.

LED Wall Power Consumption

Depending on type, pixel pitch, frame rate and brightness, an LED wall will draw between 300w and 1 kW per square metre.

As part of our comprehensive installation process, TVC will ensure that sufficient power is available for your LED video wall.

Type of LED

Two types of LED are generally available for integration into LED video walls.

DIP LEDs are mainly used for external displays whilst SMD LEDs (which normally have a greater pixel pitch and can therefore show more detail) tend to be used for internal applications.

LED Wall Positioning

We can offer mounting solutions for most locations: outside (subject to permissions) or inside.

As part of our service, our initial site survey will take into consideration: power requirements, viewing angles, distance from viewers, type of material shown, light levels, and maintenance and access requirements.

Whether it’s a SMD LED video wall for inside or a DIP LED wall for outside, TVC can specify and install!

LED Wall Brands

We specify and supply all leading LED wall brands. Knowing each brand’s products well, we will match the right product to your specific requirement.

The Wall by Samsung

The Samsung Wall LED dazzles with vivid micro-LED clarity, modular design, and exceptional colour accuracy. It creates immersive displays, setting new benchmarks in visual innovation. Learn more here

LG LED Video Wall

LG impresses with seamless integration, vibrant visuals, and precise colour reproduction. Its flexible design delivers immersive displays, perfect for diverse environments and applications.

Philips LED Video Wall

Philips LED displays combine sleek design with brilliant visuals and reliable performance. Its advanced technology ensures vibrant colours and seamless integration, ideal for captivating audiences in any setting.

Absen LED Wall

Absen produce interior and exterior LED displays including football perimeter displays, wayfinding displays and many specialised solutions for retail, leisure and entertainment.

LED Frequently Asked Questions

For more than 25 years, TVC has been a leading provider of audio-visual solutions. Our unparalleled expertise in designing and installing the perfect solutions across a variety of industries is unrivalled.

Here are some frequently asked questions, but if you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email – click here.

Why TVC?

TVC Technology Solutions are experts in LED and we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality solutions for your business.. With a focus on innovation and reliability, we provide comprehensive services and support to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance . Experience the difference with TVC—where expertise meets excellence.

What is an LED wall?

An LED wall uses LED screens or modules to create a programmable, moving sign – that can be massive in size. Honestly you can’t miss them!

What are the benefits of using an LED wall?

First: IMPACT!  LED walls are unmissable. Second: Like LED lightbulbs, they draw a lot less power than older systems. Plus they’re brighter and with modern software, easier than ever to program.

What are the different types of LED walls?

Technically there are two main types of LED displays. But that needn’t bother you all that much. Just ask our experts to design a system specific to your needs and we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

How do I install a video wall?

We’re here to handle everything for you, going beyond just removing the boxes. Our team will expertly build and configure your system, ensuring it runs flawlessly.

What does a video wall controller do?

The controller is the heart of your video system and controls not only the screen formats but schedules all the material and plays video, stills and text in a pre-programmed order.

How do I choose the right size and resolution for my video wall?

During specification we’ll ascertain the sort of LED wall you need including viewing distance, material to be shown and location. These will lead us to the ideal size and resolution.

What are the maintenance requirements for an LED wall?

In a 24/7 operational environment, components inevitably reach the end of their lifespan and require replacement. Even systems with less frequent use still benefit from regular maintenance. We highly recommend regular health checks and updates with the added option of an ongoing TVC maintenance contract for comprehensive support.

How can I service and repair an LED wall?

Given the specialised nature of the equipment involved, servicing often demands specialised skills and equipment. Therefore, we highly recommend opting for a maintenance contract with TVC, providing the easiest and most reliable solution for ongoing support and service needs.

LCD vs LED video wall

The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs. LCD screens offer cost-effectiveness, while LED screens excel in brightness and resolution. Rest assured, we will tailor our recommendations to ensure the best solution for your unique requirements.

LED Wall Case Studies

LED displays and walls can be used for many different purposes. Here are a few examples of recent installations we’ve carried out. If you’d like to know more, call TVC today.

LED Walls for Hollywood Bowl, Speke

LED Walls were part of the concept of this newly-opened leisure complex in Speke, Liverpool, based around LED monitors internally and ultra-bright outdoor screens  More details here.

LED Wall for Holiday Park

TVC installed a comprehensive 16m2 stage background system for this major holiday park in Weymouth, together with an advanced controller. More details here.

LED Wall for F1 Arcade

TVC installed a video wall, promotional display screens and digital signage in this ground-breaking arcade concept. More details here.

LED Wall for Sports Bar

TVC installed one of Britain’s largest outdoor LED screens in this sports bar in Sheffield as well as numerous other screens inside. More details here.

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