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Video wall

Nothing captures the attention quite like a video wall. Using multiple screens to form one large display, video walls are designed to deliver content on a massive scale, allowing your message – whether promotional, informative or just for entertainment – to reach a larger audience with maximum impact.

TVC specialises in the supply, configuration and installation of video walls, drawing upon our years of expertise to design bespoke video wall solutions for commercial clients of all sizes.

Our knowledge and comprehensive design and installation process means that you get the best possible solution for the best possible price.

Differences between video walls and LED video walls

Once only seen at arenas and retail centres, video walls have become a staple in all manner of industries, from corporate offices to bars and restaurants.

However, there are two very different forms that video walls come in, which are suitable for different types of venues and businesses.

Videowall LCD vs LED

Video walls

A standard video wall is made up of specially designed television screens, which link together to make one large display. They’re built with thinner bezels than usual televisions (the plastic edges of the screens), to give customers uninterrupted viewing.

With their high resolution, they’re more suited to indoor viewing, as no matter how close the customer or visitor stands (with perhaps the exception of someone with their nose pressed up against the screen) the image will remain perfectly preserved.

Popular applications include hospitals for displaying appointment times, airports for departure boards and shopping centres, bars and restaurants, as well as educational establishments and corporate environments.

We have vast experience installing video walls for a broad range of different clients, including bookmakers such as William Hill and Paddy Power, and a multitude of large offices and shopping centres.


The configuration determines the size and appearance of your video wall; they can range from 2×2 screens up to 100×100 screens depending on the space you have available, the mounting solution used, the make and model of the screens used and your budget.

We take all of these aspects into consideration when designing the configuration of a video wall. Using our vast knowledge and expertise, we can provide video walls that suit all manner of commercial and public environments, from large-scale outdoor video walls to cost-effective indoor solutions using smaller screens.

From traditional ‘square’ configurations to lines of screens to form a ‘video strip’, we have configured screens of all shapes and sizes – whatever you have in mind for the configuration of your video wall, we’ll do our best to make it a reality.

Pub Video Wall

LED Video walls

The festival favourite, LED video walls are multi-panel displays, designed to be viewed at a distance. They are generally used outside, as indoor venues typically require their screens to be viewed from a shorter distance.

However, LED video walls are the more flexible of the two, as the panels they’re made up of are a lot smaller than a television screen and can therefore create a wider variety of dimensions. They also benefit from a lack of bezels, giving consumers a fully cohesive image.

Advancements within the industry are making giant leaps with LED video walls, making them longer lasting, even more flexible, and improving optical characteristics. Here at TVC, we ensure we stay on top of these advancements, and bringing them directly to you.

G3 LED Video Wall

Installation and Design

TVC have over 25 years’ experience in designing both LED and regular video wall installations. We’ve worked extensively in all sectors with video wall requirements and have found solutions for even the most challenging of environments.

The installation and mounting of a video wall is as important as the configuration; without proper installation, a video wall cannot work properly.

We offer a variety of video wall installation and mounting solutions, all designed to suit a variety of different applications. These include:

Fixed mounting: Using quality, durable wall and ceiling brackets, as well as floor stands, we can mount your video wall in a permanent location.

Suspended mounting: For a more eye-catching installation, we can suspend your video wall from a secure ceiling.

Push-lock mounting: If you want to install your video wall in a recess, push-lock mounting provides the optimal solution, with multiple configuration options and access to the rear of the screen.

Modular mounting: Portable and easy to install, modular mounting is the ideal solution for temporary video walls.

We use only the highest quality mounting solutions when installing video walls. All of our mounting solutions are of a high-quality, durable and easy to install, and include products from trusted manufacturers such as BTech and Peerless. Our expert team of qualified installers ensure that your video wall is configured properly, secure and ready to go.

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