Betting & Gaming

TVC are the UK’s leading provider of signage solutions for the licensed betting office, racecourse, adult gaming centre, and bingo sectors in the UK. Utilising over 26 years of unique industry experience…

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Restaurants & Bars

The number of restaurants and bars is increasing substantially each year in the UK, with owners becoming increasingly creative in how they can ensure they attract new customers and retain existing ones…

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Retail has always been an incredibly competitive industry, with store owners rising to the occasion with creative and unique gimmicks to draw customers in. State-of-the-art audio visual systems are fast…

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The dedication and drive of TVC, combined with our full-circle solutions, has allowed us to provide innovative and cost-effective audio-visual solutions for your residents…

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Although not the main reason your guests will visit your hotel, audio-visual aspects are becoming more important than ever in the industry, with consumers expecting more and more from their experience…

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Holiday Parks & Leisure

TVC’s wealth of experience in supplying and installing professional audio-visual solutions and appliances to the holiday and leisure industry means that we know how to find the best possible options…

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Sports Stadia

Sporting venues are a major source of revenue for professional sporting clubs and organisations. Benefitting from matchday revenue, corporate bookings, hospitality and paid advertisements…

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Student Accommodation

A highly competitive yet financially rewarding industry, the demand for quality student accommodation is higher than ever, and steadily grows with each year. Student accommodation has changed…

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