Networks and Connectivity

There are many options for delivering television, video, audio and web content to the AV equipment in your establishment, and choosing the right one for your business can be confusing.

TVC make the process of choosing a content delivery network and web connectivity solution simple. We advise on and choose the best solution for you based on meticulous research into your business and setting, then supply and install all the components of your new network so that you can start delivering content straight away.

Networks and connectivity


Hotels, restaurants, bars, care homes and sports stadia use AV networks to supply content to audiovisual equipment throughout their complexes. Networks also provide diagnostics, allowing you to pick up on any failures or errors quickly.

RF terrestrial network
This network delivers a full range of Freeview channels to televisions and screens throughout your establishment.

Satellite networks installation
This option allows you to broadcast FreeSat, international channels and Sky TV. We’re authorised Sky installers and can offer multiple installation options, including a SkyHD box for every screen you own.

IRS (Integrated Reception System) network
An IRS network passes satellite, TV and radio signals through a single cable, which is ideal if you want to connect a lot of equipment to your network. It allows for the reception of Freeview, Sky and international channels and can be used with satellite (DVB-S) and terrestrial (DVB-T) tuners.

IPTV (Internet Protocol System)
IPTV networks allow you to stream a variety of content over an IP network, including terrestrial and satellite television, video, on demand services, digital signage, radio and web content.

All of the networks we supply are installed by our expert team in a professional and timely manner.


Offering internet access in your complex is essential and we offer a diverse range of cost-effective and efficient connectivity options.

For standard internet access, we can install reliable wired and wireless internet networks in hotels, hospitals, care homes, retail establishments, restaurants and more.

Our MediaHub connectivity solution allows hotel guests to stream their own content through hotel screens and speakers. This includes auto-sensing technology, which detects guest devices and allows for a simple and hassle-free streaming experience.

This isn’t the only option for giving your guests the ability to stream their own content, however; we can also install solutions that allows guests to stream through in-room TVs, DAB clock radios, iPod docking stations and more.

Our connectivity options extend to charging facilities too, giving you the opportunity to offer your guests a quick way to keep their devices powered. It’s a simple yet guaranteed way to improve your relationship with customers.