LED Screen

LED Screen

At TVC we have many years of experience in specifying and designing systems featuring LED screen displays – as well as their installation. Our knowledge of all the latest LED systems means you can be confident that whatever we recommend – an LED television, multiple video screens or even an LED wall, it’ll not only perform brilliantly but be cost-effective and reliable too.

LED screens are everywhere now – from menus in restaurants, to weather displays in hotels. So for anything from a scrolling LED display to an impactful LFD (large format display) TVC are the people to speak to for all LED display screens.

LED display

There’s an LED display for every task! A large LED screen has multiple uses but at TVC we know that all LED displays are not created equal. Depending on application and whether the LED will be continuously operating or just used occasionally, we can advise on the most cost-effective display screen solution.

A modern LED display screen is reasonably light, has a very thin bezel and the screen display is just a few centimetres deep – so it can mount almost anywhere. Additionally, compared with old-fashioned LCD displays, LED screens are far more economical to run and can be specified with very high outputs.

So no matter if it’s a digital display board, a large screen display or a video-playing digital display screen, there will be an ideal LED display screen that we’ll recommend for your chosen application.

Video Wall

Video wall

A video wall is a great way to create a massive impact. With the right sound and staging, an LED wall will create a far greater impact than just an LED screen.

Our experts have experience of creating video walls for retail, leisure and exhibitions and can supply, advise and recommend programming for any size or format of LED video wall.

Made up of a matrix of individual units, LED walls are normally constructed from heavy duty video wall screens mounted in a frame.

But don’t just consider an indoor video wall; an outdoor video wall is perfectly feasible using the latest bright-screen and weatherproof technology. At TVC we’ll be happy to make our recommendations.

Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED screen

Any impactful permanent outdoor LED screen needs two things:

–             To work in all weathers (IP rating)

–             To work in all lighting conditions

The first point means that as a minimum, all LED screens that are permanently placed outdoors and exposed to the elements need to be rated to IP65 to ensure they’re sufficiently weatherproof.

The other point is that any video wall or outdoor TV screen will need to use a high-brightness large screen display, otherwise it will not be viewable in sunlight. Additionally, most outdoor displays adjust themselves to the ambient light level, thus saving energy and making them more restful to the eyes in lower ambient light.

LED Advertising Board

LED advertising board

Using an LED display as eye catching advertising is now viable in so many different places – anything from escalators on the Tube to swanky retail outlets and shopping centres –  digital billboards are everywhere. TVC can offer you a cost-effective solution to your LED advertising board requirements.

Sometimes this may be in the form of a high-impact video wall, sometimes as an eye-catching LED scrolling display. But whichever digital display screen our consultant recommends, you can be sure that it’ll offer great performance and reliability.

An LED advertising screen could be just what your business needs. Ask us to quote today.

Transparent LED screen

A transparent LED screen creates a massive impact for exhibitions and retail; they’re a revolution in LFD. At TVC we can supply and install these and many other innovative LED screens.

Offering a virtually ‘see through’ experience, these transparent LED screens will create a stunning centrepiece or conversation starter.

Requiring careful siting and consideration of ambient lighting levels and provision of audio – as well as the actual content that’s shown on them, this new LED screen technology has to be seen to be believed.

Flexible LED screen

There’s nothing better than a flexible LED screen to give a ‘custom-made’ look to any permanent installation in retail or leisure situations.  Flexible LED screens can be designed to merge in or contrast with the rest of the fit-out. An LED screen of this nature offers the ultimate creative solution to installing signage or video.

Based on a specially-designed LED screen panel, these displays can offer almost 3D effects and their flowing curves and contours add a massive impact to displays.

Mirror display

An LED display hidden behind a mirror makes a great talking point in hospitality and retail installations.  A mirror display is shallow in depth; as a result these video screens can be installed on walls or mounted into furniture, horizontally or vertically.

Integrating a display screen into what appears to be a conventional mirror is quite a technical marvel and it’s taken many years to perfect the tech that combines the advantages of a high quality LED screen and what appears to be a conventional mirror. For the full story, talk to TVC today.

Made to measure LED screens

With such a wide range of LED displays available, a video wall can be constructed in almost any shape by tiling LFD displays. TVC are experts in integrating equipment to create interesting LED screen installations and can supply all the hardware necessary to create a stunning LED video wall.

Each LED screen can be controlled singly or as part of a larger array; it’s also possible to design systems featuring large and small LED screens in one installation – indoors or outdoors.

Ask TVC for all the latest developments in made to measure LED screens – from a simple 4 x 4 LED sign board to something much more complex.

LED display consultation

As acknowledged experts in LED display, TVC can design, specify and install any size of set-up – from a simple display screen with one LED television using its inbuilt media player to a networked LED display screen set-up using multiple displays spread across several sites.

With an intimate knowledge of the technical specs from all the leading manufacturers, TVC has the experience and the know-how to create, install and maintain a truly impactful system.

LED screen planning and design

Too many LED screen installations from other companies suffer from poor integration and a lack of understanding of the end-user’s requirements and needs. So at TVC we spend extra time with the customer or specifier to drill down into the core requirements before even starting to suggest any particular makes of LED screen design.

So an outdoor TV screen will have different implications and requirements to an indoor scrolling LED display and we have the understanding of the market and many existing users’ requirements to draw on before recommending a solution.

LED screen installation

From a single LED screen to a multi-panel video wall, our engineers and installers have experience of the equipment to ensure a trouble-free LED screen installation – at a time when it’s required.

For new-builds, this often happens right at the end of the second fix and can be arranged when other trades are not working to ensure the equipment is commissioned in a relatively dirt and dust-free environment. We’ve worked in pubs and restaurants, care homes and many other leisure environments.

LED screen maintenance and support

At TVC we pride ourselves on our aftersales care for our LED screens and will offer you a service level agreement depending on your specific requirements. Our LED screen maintenance will vary with the type of installation and use as well the as the level of cover you may require. Ask us about specific schemes for hospitality, lodging and care environments.

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