Commercial TV

Commercial TV

TVC offer comprehensive professional screen solutions for commercial purposes, with a broad range of large format and high brightness displays, specifically tailored for commercial use and available for businesses and budgets of all sizes.
From entry level conferencing screens to higher-end models designed for constant broadcast in receptions and lobbies, we have found solutions for customers in healthcare, finance, education, retail and entertainment industries, as well as hotels, holiday parks, pubs, bars and restaurants.

We supply commercial models from major manufacturers including:

Commercial TV Brands

The screens we supply include LED, Full HD and HD ready screens, including Smart technology and 4K models.

Our commercial screens are the ideal platform for displaying digital signage, broadcasting at conferences, reception and lobby installations, and most other professional purposes. Commercial screens can even be integrated with furniture and office fixtures, giving the ultimate polished look to any business.

Differences between commercial and domestic screens

Although they may look almost identical, commercial screens are very different to domestic ones.

Specifically built to function in a professional setting, commercial screens are more robust and of a higher quality, they also have more choices in caging options, giving more flexibility as to where they can be installed. A domestic television usually only needs to go on a TV cabinet or wall, whereas commercial screen solutions can be more complex depending on the venue.

Longer operational times

One of the main advantages commercial screens offer over domestic televisions is their operational time. Whereas most standard TV’s are designed to be used for a limited number of hours per day, commercial screens can be used almost constantly.

Here at TVC, we supply screens with operating times of 12/7 16/7 and even 24/7 for endless display. These screens feature fans that disperse heat away from the screen, eradicating the risk of overheating and related performance issues.

Commercial screens are also designed to avoid burn-in, which is where, after an extended period of displaying a single image, a shadowy copy of that image is burnt into the screen. This is especially important when using a screen for digital signage, as these tend to have far fewer moving images than regular broadcasting.

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High brightness displays

A domestic television isn’t very effective in an artificially lit or outdoor setting, as it starts to act more like a mirror than a screen in brighter environments.

A high brightness display is near essential when using a screen outdoors, whether in a beer garden, window display or external digital signage. They have a higher capacity for dealing with brightly lit areas, including direct sunlight and are still highly visible in these environments, holding a great advantage over domestic TV’s.

Brightness can easily be controlled on commercial screens too, with manufacturers such as LG using technology that automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen according to its surroundings. No more fiddling around with settings; commercial screens look great, and save you effort too.

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Diverse display options

Commercial screens offer diversity in how you choose to display content, with some models offering both horizontal and landscape display options.

TVC also supply a range of models with slim bezels and light frames. Slimmer bezels provide the largest possible viewing area on your screen, giving the information you broadcast maximum expose. Screens with slimmer bezels and light frames are easier to install as well, meaning that you can start displaying your company’s content quicker!

For the commercial screens suitable for outdoor use, TVC provides weather-proof casing to offer protection from the elements. External large format displays are ideal for broadcasting live events, festivals and networking events.

TV Enclosure

Advanced technology

Commercial screens are much more advanced than their domestic counterparts, with touch screen technology, superior image clarity and unique control options available across different models and manufacturers. If you want to display multiple pieces of content on one screen, or allow your customers to interact with content, professional screens are the obvious choice.

Solutions and installations

We are specialists in advising on and installing commercial screens, with over ten years’ experience working across many sectors and industries.

We can help you select a screen that’s perfect for your particular needs, and our expert installation team will ensure that your screen is properly fitted, configured and ready to start, giving your content the display and platform that it deserves.

In the unlikely instance that something goes wrong with your screen, we also offer up to 5 years next day swap-out warranty, meaning that we would replace your screen within 24 hours wherever you’re based in the UK.

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