TV Wall Mounts and Bracket Solutions

TV wall brackets and mounting solutions supplied by TVC are suitable for all commercial screens, whether that’s standard televisions or professional screens.

Our tv mounting solutions cover a diverse range of requirements and, using equipment from trusted brands such as BTech, Peerless and Vivanco, are robust and reliable in all settings.

TV Wall Brackets

Wall mounting is an incredibly popular option among commercial businesses, but finding the right wall mount to suit your particular requirements is harder than you might think.

You need to consider the angle at which your TV will need to be positioned, how flexible you need to be with positioning and how often you’ll need to access the rear of the television for connectivity purposes.

Flat TV Wall Mounts

A flat wall mount secures your screen close to a wall with no need for adjustment. This is an ideal cost-effective solution for fixed screens.

Tilting Wall Mount

Tilting wall mounts allow for vertical angle adjustment, making them useful for screens that will be subjected to direct sunlight and glare. Tilting wall mounts also provide easy access to the back of a screen, which is useful if you regularly alter the input devices connected to your screen.

Pivot Mount

Pivot mounts provide both horizontal and vertical adjustment, which is ideal if you need to adjust your screen to multiple angles for different purposes.

Articulated Wall Mounts

Articulated mounts position your TV away from the wall itself and offers versatile angle adjustment, including forward and backward adjustment.

Video Wall Mounting Solutions

We supply and install a wide range of video wall mounting solutions, with products suitable for a variety of applications.

Fixed mounts

Our range of durable fixed brackets and floor stands provide the ideal solution for permanent installations.

Suspended Mounts

Securely suspend your video wall from a ceiling.


If you want to mount your video wall in a recess, or need regular access to the rear of the screen for configuration purposes, push-lock mounting is the solution for you.

Modular Mounting

A portable and easy-to-install mounting solution that is perfect for temporary video wall installations.

Portable Mounting Solutions

If you need to move your screen around – for conferences, meetings, etc – then portable mounting is the solution for you.

Flat-Panel Stands

Flat panel stands are freestanding mounts that allow you to swivel your screen and adjust the height of it. Some models also allow you to mount two flat screens back-to-back. This is the ideal solution for temporary screen installations or moving a screen from one room to another occasionally.

Trolley Stands

Trolley stands are the ultimate portable mounting solution, allowing you to move your screen between locations with ease. This is a popular choice of mounting solution in schools and other academic environments.

As with all of our products, TVC can advise and provide a mounting solution for your particular business and requirements. Contact us for more information and expert advice.

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