Commercial Audio

We have been specifying and installing commercial audio systems for many years, so you can trust us to recommend a sound system that really delivers – anywhere.

Whether it’s a background music system for hospitality, an audio installation in retail or even a comprehensive audio system incorporating a music production desk for a church or entertainment venue, we have the expertise to deliver superb quality audio.  So depend on TVC – one of the leading sound system companies in the UK – for the latest kit for any audio or music system.

Commercial sound system

When we consider installation of a commercial sound system, we need to know what the audio equipment will be used for and the specific area’s acoustic. For instance, when specifying a PA system, is it for background music or does it need to have alerting facilities too? How many people will be in the space? (as bodies actually absorb sound) and is it for speech or music? (as speakers characteristics vary.)

That attention to detail includes specifying the right microphones and outdoor speakers for your particular installation – all part of the TVC service.

Surround sound system

At TVC we also have wide experience of installing surround sound systems in hospitality and care settings. Often using hidden or recessed wall or ceiling-mounted surround sound speakers, these systems add a touch of luxury to upmarket hotel installations.

In hotels or pubs, high quality speakers are ideal for watching sports on big screen 4K TVs.

Outdoor sound system

With many venues now considering more outside seating, an outdoor sound system will often be required and we have wide experience of specifying the right outdoor speakers for these.

For music venues, fitting an outdoor PA system anywhere that isn’t inside (even in a sheltered spot) needs to use weatherproof speakers to ensure safety and reliability. We can also advise on the best portable speakers for your venue, increasing flexibility.

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PA system

A PA system is vital for sports venues and many pubs and clubs – anywhere really where there’s live entertainment going on and information needs to be communicated to lots of people. We can specify and carefully install the right PA speakers for the level and quality of sound required. PA systems vary enormously so making sure you get the right set up is important – whether that’s an indoor or outdoor PA system.

Multi room audio system

A multi room audio system can either be installed in a large home or in a wide range of commercial settings. It allows you to vary audio levels in different areas and even have different sources of audio playing in some of them.

In domestic situations, a surround sound system is often installed as part of a home cinema set-up, whilst in larger installations multi room speaker systems with a central controller are very popular. These often feature ceiling speakers as these are now of increasingly high quality as well as saving space.

Background music system

In retail and hospitality situations, a background music system is often required.

These have come a long way from the old cartridge machines and the wooden speakers. Today, we can install a background music system with virtually invisible ceiling speakers and a music streamer, allowing you to create your own moods and playlists.

We installed our first background music player in 2008 so we really are the experts.

Retail outlet sound system

Whether you’re looking for high energy to pump up athletic wear or sophisticated sounds to complement coffee, TVC will be able to help you specify the right retail outlet sound system.

We can specify and install exactly the right audio equipment to blend in with your décor or match your vibe by making a statement.

Audio mixer

For conferences and gigs (and even the odd quiz night) an audio mixer connected to your sound system (and perhaps some studio speakers to monitor on) is vital, as you’ll need to balance a variety of sources like music players, video feeds and microphones.

At TVC we have the knowledge and experience to be able to specify the right kit, suiting your needs as well as your budget.

Audio Equipment

Our experience with audio equipment goes back many years and we have installed many professional products in a wide variety of locations – from hotels to pubs … care homes to retail parks.

We’ll be happy to advise you on your next installation – whether new build or refurb. We deal with all the top manufacturers in pro audio and know how to get the best out of any budget.

From sound equipment and wall mount speakers for retail and leisure … to an AV receiver, music streamers and sound equipment for an upmarket home … even studio monitors and sound equipment for professional studios, we can specify, supply and expertly install it all.


The wide variety of speakers currently on the market for professional applications is mind-boggling. That’s why you’ll need a company like TVC with years of experience to help you make the right choices for your intended application.

For domestic installations that look neat and sound great, we can specify ceiling speakers and wall mount speakers – ideal as part of a multi-room set-up too. And in cinema rooms we can install surround sound speakers in ‘hidden’ sets ups featuring wall speakers and active sub-woofers for amazing deep bass.

Outside, your multi-room system can include the garden with weatherproof speakers that look like rocks and outdoor speakers mounted on walls and around patios.
Professional speakers are installed in pubs, clubs, hospitality and retail environments and may include studio speakers, PA speakers and networked streaming speakers.

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Amplifiers turn something quiet into something LOUD! As well as for volume we use them to equalise the sound and send it to different speakers. Specialised amplifiers are used to boost low frequencies to drive an active sub-woofer – the ones that create bass you can feel.

We also install networked steaming amplifiers for music off the net and AV amplifiers (sometimes called TV amplifiers) to select audio and pictures from different video sources; even matrix amplifiers to route sound to pre-configured speaker sets.

We have the knowhow and the experience to cut through that jungle of wiring and explain the pros and cons of every amplifier type.

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AV receiver

An AV receiver will receive radio, TV and internet streams, amplify the signal and distribute to a number of screens and speakers. Sometimes called an AV amplifier (or just a receiver) they form the heart of a domestic sound and vision system and are also used in smaller commercial installations like guest houses or care homes.

PA System

A PA system is normally used so a large group of people can hear what one person is saying (or singing) PA systems can either be permanently installed or PA speakers can be moved into position when required – especially in the case of an outdoor PA system.

TVC can arrange for any size of PA system to be supplied and installed – please ask for details.

Mixing desk / Mixers

At the back of any live venue you’ll probably find a mixing desk to balance all the microphones and other sources and create a pleasing sound mix. In some installations, the live sound mixer will be in a separate area with specialist studio speakers or even headphones.

In others, the music production desk will be in a studio and large and powerful studio monitors will be used.

Sound mixing equipment is a specialised field – but one we’re very knowledgeable in.

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Music streamer

A music streamer (or network streamer) is a specialised piece of kit designed to play digital music streams from the net and convert them to be played out in your audio or AV installation.

Sometimes built into an AV receiver and sometimes as standalones, music streamers replace a computer and are programmed to receive specialized music streams. In effect, they replace local CD players that were formerly used.

Best audio brands

TVC install only the best audio brands from some of the leading sound system companies like Cloud, Audac, RCF, Audio technica, Toa and many more.

Sound system installation

Whatever type of sound system installation you require, you can trust TVC to design and install it to perfection. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team have many years of experience of high end audio installation in private properties and commercial premises all over the UK.

Whether it’s a surround sound system or a multi room system … portable PA systems or studio monitors as part of a recording studio build, we have the expertise and talents to install on time and in budget.

There are so many possibilities with audio – so let TVC help you discover them. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

Music licence

To play music in your commercial premises, you’ll need to get the relevant music licence so that the artistes receive their royalties proportional to plays.

We can guide you through the complexities of PPL and PRS and ensure that you’re paying the right amount for licensed music and continue to do so on a regular basis.