Sports Stadia

Sporting venues are a major source of revenue for professional sporting clubs and organisations; from matchday revenue to corporate bookings and hospitality, sporting organisations are expected to offer unforgettable experiences that keep fans and businesses coming back for more.

TVC have a wealth of experience in providing professional AV solutions to sporting clubs and organisations, including screens, digital signage, video walls, audio and projection systems. Our clients include:

  • Newcastle United
  • Manchester City
  • Chelsea
  • Everton
  • Sunderland
  • Bolton Wanderers
  • Stoke City
  • Nottingham Forest

…as well as a host of other Football League clubs. Our services are of such a high standard that we have been granted ‘Official Club Supplier’ status by two Premier League clubs.

All of our equipment comes from major manufacturers including Samsung, LG, NEC and Phillips. As we have close working relationships with each of these manufacturers, we can offer solutions at extremely competitive rates.

stoke stadia

Sports Stadiums – not just for match days!

There’s nothing quite like an immersive matchday experience, the kind of unforgettable days and nights that win your club lifelong devotion from loyal fans. Now all major sporting venues are developing additional revenues from conferences, exhibitions and live events.

Audiovisual plays a big part in this experience: from video walls to display replays to PA systems for announcements. TVC can design and supply every element of a sports stadium, including digital signage to convey information to all guests and standard screens for bar areas.

Training Grounds

Building a good training environment is vital to the success of a team. We supply personal audio and AV solutions – such as docking stations – for the entertainment of players and staff, as well as interactive smartboards and screens for tactical work and reviews.

Corporate and Hospitality

Sports stadiums are a popular venue for corporate events and presentations. Our projection solutions allow you to offer the best corporate facilities around, while our automation systems allow your guests to control lighting and playback with the click of a button.

We also supply AV equipment for hospitality boxes, including screens and audio equipment. We design solutions guaranteed to have corporate guests signing up for boxes each and every season.


Maintaining a sports stadium is a vital yet time-consuming task. With our reactive maintenance contracts tailored to the specific requirements of a client, we can ensure that all of your audio visual equipment is working as it should. In the event of a breakdown, we endeavour to have your equipment fixed or swapped within 24 hours.