Digital Poster and Advertising Displays

Digital Poster and Advertising Displays

Digital Poster and Advertising Displays are one of the most effective ways to display your message to the customer. By going digital, businesses have the possibility to raise their brand awareness. When compared to bland print advertising using digital screens for advertising allows your customers to make a real connection with your brand. Effective advertising screens deliver relevant targeted content designed to inform, entertain or in some way influence the viewer whilst bringing operational efficiencies.

With a range of advertising display screen sizes available to suit any available space, Digital Posters and Advertising Displays are the ultimate solution for displaying content to your customers.

Digital Screens for Advertising

Digital Poster Retail

Becoming increasingly popular in retail, hospitality, and entertainment environments, advertising displays are the medium by which to communicate with audiences who are often on the move. Eye-catching Digital Poster content draws the attention of passers-by with messaging designed to stand out from other traditional media formats.

Digital Poster and Advertising Displays in retail shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, betting shops and holiday parks deliver eye-catching advertisements which can be enhanced with context-aware capability and interactivity, with personalised messaging for even greater relevance and engagement.

Digital screens for advertising utilise different media formats such as images, audio, and video to enhance customer engagement and motivate them through the buying process. Adding advertising displays is a boost for any business and with Plug n Play technology means you can be up and running with brilliantly effective promotions and branding in minutes – and it is easy to update content to keeping impressing your customers.

Advertising Displays for any Space or Environment

Digital Poster Retail 5

Digital advertising screens are available in sizes ranging from 19” to 55″. Whether a small or large Digital Poster is required, all models are feature packed – offering an impressive and perfect presentation of your advertising messages.

All our digital advertising screens come with a built in HD media player, allowing you to update them using a USB memory stick. Load your pictures and videos onto a USB memory stick then insert it into the display, which will copy the files into its internal memory. Once you remove the memory stick the screen will then start playing the image, text, or video content impressively and easily in a continuous loop.

Super Slim & Robust Advertising Screens

Digital Poster 2

With a super slim installation depth starting at 20 mm, the Digital Poster represents a new and exciting innovation in the field of digital signage.

These advertising displays are the ultimate solution for displaying your content in public spaces. As well as protecting the internal components, the robust aluminium surround and tempered edge-to-edge glass also deliver captivating tablet-like aesthetics for a truly high-end feel.

Lightweight Design & Slender Frame

By using less and lighter materials, component weight is kept to a minimum. The compact design makes both installation and maintenance much more convenient. The high-quality metal housing also ensures stability.

24/7 Commercial Grade Screen

Designed for continuous use, these digital advertising screens utilise commercial grade LCD panels, LED backlights and internal components. This means they can run 24/7 and to avoid tampering, they also have no external buttons or controls.

Integrated Media Player

The built-in media player allows you to easily update on-screen content via USB plug and play. Alternatively, on certain models you can upgrade your screen to be networked without needing any additional hardware to update via the internet.

Flexible Installation

Whether like a picture frame on the wall, hanging from the ceiling with steel cables, placed on a monitor stand or as floor-standing display. Your new Digital Poster and Advertising Displays will look good everywhere!

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