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As leaders in AV, you can trust TVC to give you the best advice on all types of display screens. Whether it’s a 4K TV for video conferencing, screens for retail display or the best TV for hotel rooms, TVC can advise and install.

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We have been specifying and installing commercial audio systems for many years, so you can trust us to recommend a sound system that really delivers – anywhere.

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Outdoor AV

As leaders in AV, TVC have been supplying and installing outdoor solutions for several years. We provide a fully designed service, using only the latest technology to ensure you get the best outdoor AV package.

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Digital signage

Digital signage is everywhere! The reason? Compared with regular signage, a digital sign offers greater impact, is far more flexible and is much easier to update. At TVC we’re the acknowledged experts in digital signage solutions for retail, leisure, hospitality, healthcare, sports venues and gaming.

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Corporate AV

Upgrading the corporate AV within your office can be greatly beneficial to productivity and morale throughout the workforce. Technology that runs cohesively creates a calm and dynamic atmosphere, as opposed to the lingering irritation that inadequate equipment inspires.

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We install projectors for all types of applications; whether it’s for home cinema, an office projector in a conference room or as part of a wider AV solution in hospitality or retail, we have the know-how and the skilled installers to make it happen.

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TV Wall Mounts and Bracket Solutions

TV wall brackets and mounting solutions supplied by TVC are suitable for all commercial screens, whether that’s standard televisions or professional screens.

Our tv mounting solutions cover a diverse range of requirements and, using equipment from trusted brands such as BTech & Peerless are robust and reliable in all settings.

The mounting solutions we supply include wall mounts, ceiling mounts and portable mounts.

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Samsung Kiosk

Introducing the Samsung Kiosk, the all-in-one-self-ordering solution. It’s beautiful design fits into any store space, delivering operational reliability with powerful performance and security.

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HYPERVSN is an all-in-one 3D holographic display solution, where cutting-edge hardware is powered by proprietary CMS software.

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Samsung Smart Hospitality Display HQ60A

Brilliant, long-lasting color with Quantum Dot delivers finest picture ever.

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