Boardroom Automation

Boardroom Automation

The modern boardroom has developed dramatically with the advancement of technologies, meaning the boardroom is now all about collaborating with people in different locations, and not just in the local office space. For many companies, they’re looking to increase their productivity and save on the costs of travel expenses and office space.

Boardroom automation allows you to have complete control of your boardroom from one central device including, LED screens, video walls, projectors, heating, lighting, network equipment and audio.

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Boardroom Automation
Boardroom Automation Images 1 Boardroom Automation Images 3 Boardroom Automation
Boardroom Automation

What boardroom automation technologies can we offer?

As industry leaders in boardroom automation, our engineers will advise and install the best solutions for your needs. Our partner software solutions allow full automation and control from one central control pad or remote, depending on what works best for your business.

We strive to make our clients’ meetings more efficient, and our objective is to make sure that teams can come together without worrying about connection issues, creating a secure hassle-free boardroom automation solution.

Here are some examples of technologies we can install:

  • HD Displays & projectors
  • Automated sound systems
  • Lighting control
  • Automation software and hardware
  • Control panels and remotes
  • Wireless connection
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Why TVC Technology Solutions?

We bring industry leading technology, making AV in the workplace simple and ensuring your business remains productive. Our technology experts are available from the beginning of the project to advise you the best solution for your business, we’ll also provide installation and train your team to use the system.