Choosing the right speakers for your business can be a surprisingly daunting process. With the endless amount of choice on the market, it can be difficult to find the right fit for you.

TVC are audio experts, we have years of experience in audio solutions and installations and can help you cut through the audio spectrum to find the perfect match for your business.

Why is my speaker choice important?

Speakers are easy to overlook when planning new installations, but they can be as impactful as a new screen or digital signage.

A poor speaker system can be the difference between a potential repeat customer and one that never returns. A tinny or grating sound throughout their visit or stay doesn’t leave a great impression and, well… it’s very annoying.

What do I choose?

We have a wide variety of speaker systems for you to choose from, and with your dedicated project manager to help you decide, you’re guaranteed to make the right choice.

The most popular options are listed below, however, speak to our expert team to find out the full range we offer, and how we can best assist you in getting the most out of your audio.

Powered Speakers

Powered Speakers & Passive Speakers

Powered speakers are a solution for simple audio needs. Made easy with built-in amplification, just connect and go. They are heavier than passive speakers and so better suited to temporary or mobile installs in a smaller environment, as they also have a limited number of connectable speakers.

Passive speakers require an amplifier to function and give you more flexibility and control over your system. With their ability to be installed throughout a larger environment, passive speakers are more suited to businesses such as holiday parks, pubs and restaurants and retail stores.

These are the usual choice when it comes to TVC’s permanent installations given their lightweight bodies and versatile qualities.

Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling and wall-mounted speakers

A professional-looking solution, ceiling and wall mounted speakers are perfect for commercial installations as they’re out of sight on the wall or laid flush with the ceiling. The location of the speakers offers a great sound throughout the venue, while all unsightly wires are hidden away.

These can also be installed to be used outside, connected to exterior walls, or any permanent outdoor fixture, allowing you to create a smooth, cohesive environment.

Large Venue Speakers

Large Venue Speakers

TVC has you covered if you have need of larger and louder speakers. With our years of experience, we can provide a number of solutions for outdoor, or large-scale venues without losing that crisp, high quality sound.

Solutions and installations

It is paramount when searching for an audio solution to work with a company that understands your businesses’ specific needs. TVC has years of experience in helping a wide variety of industries with their unique requirements, whether as part of a full solution bundle, or a stand-alone audio package.

We have a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced AV installers, who will ensure that your installation process is as smooth and simple as possible.

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