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LFD Displays

Large format displays are fast becoming a staple in a wide range of areas throughout business, and here at TVC, our wealth of experience and knowledge on industry standard and industry leading products and technology means that we can provide the best LFD package for your business, at the best possible price.

LFD Display

What is a Large Format Display?

In essence, a large format display (or LFD’s) are flat panel screens often used for commercial purposes to display eye-catching and dynamic content.,

They can be easily mounted onto walls and their versatile use make them the favourite digital display method for a variety of environments, both indoor and outdoor.

Used independently or linked together with their thin bezels to create a multi-screen display, LFD’s have a variety of uses, from posters to announcements, to general digital signage and meeting rooms.

Why does your business need LFD’s?

Every business can benefit from large format display screens, whether you have a large or a small company. LFD screens are engaging, draw the eye, and become the focal point of any room. This means that advertisements, announcements, and anything else you need to display, are easily visible and your message is seen as soon as potential customers or clients walk through the door.

Another benefit is longevity: consumer screens tend to change every year, according to style and new trends. Whereas the large format display, with its minimal design, is timeless and will last for years.

And due to that incredibly sleek and minimal design, LFDs add a layer of sophistication to any room, immediately enhancing the level of professionalism you show to your customers.

At TVC, we’ve previously found LFD solutions for retail premises, reception areas, hotel lobbies, meeting rooms and even outdoor video wall advertisements. The list for the number of industries that can benefit from large format displays goes on and on, it would be harder to think of an industry in which it wouldn’t be advantageous!

The Wall LFD Display

Solutions and Installations

At TVC, we offer a range of solutions specifically designed and tailored for your business. As industry leaders, we use the latest technology, will provide a dedicated project manager and pride ourselves on our ability to work within even the most challenging environments.

As well as helping you find the perfect large format display solution for your business, we also have a team of skilled and highly experienced AV installers who will deliver and install your screens for you, making the whole experience stress-free and seamless!

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