Student Accommodation

Student accommodation

A highly competitive yet financially rewarding industry, the demand for quality student accommodation is higher than ever, and steadily grows with each year.

Student accommodation has changed in recent times, with students expecting more entertainment options and more luxury for their money.

Offering the best possible audio-visual equipment and appliances is one way of gaining the edge over rival developers. At TVC, we supply and install all manner of equipment and appliances for some of the best prices around, keeping your costs down but standards up.



Only second to a desk and bed, televisions are now essential for each student’s room, as well as in the communal areas.

With technology advancing rapidly, tenants have come to expect LED and Smart TVs as standard.

We can supply all types of television in an array of sizes, from 16” up to 80”. Our range of screens come from trusted manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Phillips and Mitchell & Brown and our relationships with these manufacturers’ means that we can offer some of the lowest prices on the market.





Students usually go to university straight from their parent’s house, which generally means they don’t arrive with their own large appliances.

We can provide everything you need to fit out your property, including fridges, freezers, dishwashers, microwaves, kettles, irons and even ironing boards, saving you the trouble from shopping around in several locations.




Installations and solutions

To get the best out of your AV solution, TVC assign a dedicated project manager to assess and evaluate your venue, providing you the best options for your space, at the best possible price.

Our highly skilled installation team make the transformation seamless, and can deliver, install and set up your equipment so you’re ready to go as soon as possible.



Maintaining equipment in student accommodation can sometimes be problematic. With a higher rate of breakages, our reactive maintenance contracts are all but essential, ensuring that all of your audio-visual equipment is working as it should and as quickly as it should. In the event of a breakdown, we endeavour to have your equipment fixed or swapped within 24 hours.

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