What is an amplifier?  An amplifier increases the amplitude of a signal and is used in music equipment and electronic devices, such as TVs, radio and any device with an audio requirement.  An amplifier improves the strength of a signal to a level that amplifiers sound through speakers.

Choosing and installing the right amplifier and speakers can make all the difference to the ambiance you are trying to create and provide a quality sound for clients to enjoy.

There are many types and models of amplifiers, all designed for different uses, but a power amplifier increases the power available to an appliance or device to generate a more powerful audio output.



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Who needs an amplifier?

Audio amplifiers are ideal for settings such as bars, restaurants, pubs, cafes, hotels, retail settings or receptions and waiting rooms. Bluetooth amplifiers also allow you to connect a device, such as your phone or tablet, at the touch of a button, so you can easily play a created playlist or music from streaming services such as Spotify.

If you want to provide entertainment, ambiance or background music you will need an amplifier and with each environment and setting comes different requirements. TVC are on hand to help you select the best amplifier, speaker and audio equipment for your budget and setting, to ensure your business is making all the right sounds.


At TVC we have an experienced team of installers who will provide a professional and friendly installation service to ensure your amplifiers and speakers are installed properly and working perfectly.  We can also provide ongoing advice, maintenance and after sales support so that you can rest assured your clients experience will always meet expectations.


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Audio amplifiers

Here at TVC we feel it’s important to understand your needs before recommending the best amplifier and speaker solution for you. Solutions and recommendations can vary depending on the intended use of the amplifier, the amount of use it will get, the size of your setting and whether you are working with an existing system or starting from scratch. As experienced suppliers and installers of audio equipment, we work with many brands, including Cloud Electronics, Audac and RCF audio systems, as well as Bose and Sonos in more intimate, less commercial settings.

Benefits and features

• Audio amplifiers allow you to create an inviting and ambient setting for your customers to enjoy, whether that be foreground or background music

• Zone controlled audio, perfect for pubs, hotels and larger multi-purpose venues means that you can have different areas providing different experiences

• Technological advancements in amplifiers have meant the efficiencies of audio amplifiers has improved dramatically, making them more ecological and cheaper to run

• Commercial audio amplifiers are designed with a variety of business settings in mind and are built for continuous use to ensure reliability and high quality performance

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