Corporate AV

Corporate AV

Upgrading the corporate AV within your office can be greatly beneficial to productivity and morale throughout the workforce. Technology that runs cohesively creates a calm and dynamic atmosphere, as opposed to the lingering irritation that inadequate equipment inspires.

TVC offers a range of technologies to bring you the best solutions to meet your requirements.

Meeting and boardroom solutions

As an industry leader in meeting and boardroom technology, TVC has been involved in several large-scale design and installation projects for meeting and boardrooms, all geared towards improving productivity and collaboration.

From video walls to room booking systems, we’ve found innovative solutions for large boardrooms, small meeting rooms or even huddle spaces.

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Video conferencing

As more employees work remotely or from home, video conferencing has become a vital tool within the office.

We have extensive experience in video conferencing, and by constantly keeping on top of the latest technological advancements we can ensure your equipment is ultra-reliable and fully functionable for your requirements.

So, whether its headsets, a 4K screen, an interactive whiteboard or an advanced video conference camera, TVC can advise and install the perfect solution for your video conferences.

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Wireless Presentation Systems

Forget fumbling for the correct cable, wireless presentations now offer a much easier solution. Incorporate wireless presentation devices into boardrooms and huddle spaces to efficiently display content on large format screens, interactive whiteboards or video walls.

At TVC, we strive to make our client’s meetings more efficient, without connectivity issues to create a hassle-free environment.

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Large screen displays and interactive whiteboards

Up your presentation game with specialist large screen displays and interactive whiteboards.

Fast becoming popular within team orientated environments, large display screens become the focal point in any room, drawing attention in reception areas, offices and boardrooms. Their sleek design raises the level of professionalism in any area and makes content easily visible, so information and messages are never missed.

For a more collaborative approach within the office, touch screen displays are available, allowing teams to work more efficiently, whether delivering a presentation, editing a document or any other audio-visual media.

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Meeting room booking systems

Revitalise how meetings are organised in your company with a revolutionary new booking system. Benefit from intuitive software and a variety of meeting room screens to efficiently manage your company’s conferences.

Use the latest static or touch screen displays, integrated tablets and calendar integration to ensure double bookings are a thing of the past!

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Visitor Management Systems

Create a great first impression to any visiting guests with a sleek visitor management system.

Smart visitor software is a much more secure alternative to the outdated sign in book and can even include an employee sign in system to create a safer working environment. It also takes care of fire compliance by keeping visitor details secure, so fire evacuation lists are available in moments.

Go one step further with a contactless sign in option, allowing visitors to sign in using their smartphone, with no need to touch the screen or install an app. The secure, dynamic QR code can be positioned anywhere on the screen and changes frequently, so it can’t be copied and used while offsite.

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Workplace digital signage

Workplace digital signage has a number of company benefits, from improving inter-employee communications, to sharing informative messages or promotions to visitors.

Digital signage helps to immediately display information that might otherwise have taken days to get around the company.

Whether you need to display key metrics in a large call centre, or make key announcements, better communication is instantaneous the moment a digital signage solution is implemented.

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Boardroom automation

Have a one-stop-shop for all your boardroom requirements installed with our fully automated systems. Gain full access from one central device for control over LED screens, video walls, projectors, heating, lighting, network equipment and audio.

Not only is this an incredibly efficient system, but it’s especially impressive to any visitors or prospective clients, showing the high standards that your company holds.

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