Display Screens

Display Screens

As leaders in AV, you can trust TVC to give you the best advice on all types of display screens. Whether it’s a 4K TV for video conferencing, screens for retail display or the best TV for hotel rooms, TVC can advise and install.

The TV screen has come a long way from when we started and our industry has changed greatly – for the better, as there’s now a far greater range of AV solutions covering everything from commercial TV to domestic TV.

What once were new innovations like plasma TV (now no longer made due to their cost and complexity) have been surpassed by LCD or LED format large screen TV in full HD or often 4K – and now increasingly 8K.

From a simple TV screen to a massive video wall; from hotel TV to professional screens for signage, TVC has the knowledge and expertise to design, deliver and install any screen display.

Commercial TV

As a long-standing specifier and installer of television and professional screens, we feel it’s important to point out some of the differences between domestic televisions and display screens used in commercial TV applications.

Many screens will be what we refer to as ‘constant use TV’ and will be powered 24/7. This sort of application places high demands on the components of any full HD 1080p or 4K TV and any especially any bright screen needs to be ultra-reliable. Even then, an LCD TV or LED TV screen has a finite operating life; that’s why a comprehensive service level agreement should be in place – the sort of thing that you’ll get with TVC.

So it’s not just a question of what TV to buy – it’s also a question of whether your chosen installer has the knowledge and experience to recommend the best high brightness TV for your chosen application – and you can trust TVC to deliver every time!

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Hotel TV

Hotel TV is a lot more than smart TVs in guest rooms! TVC install many complete systems for new-build and refurbished hotels that include content distribution (often using IP TV) as well as constant use TV incorporating professional screens for wayfinding and guest information.

Depending on their size and type, hotel rooms can feature anything from a small smart TV to large screen TV. Installed TV sizes can range from 32 to 75 inches. Popular lodging-specific models are the Philips Media Suite TVs together with equivalents from Samsung and LG.

With any critical installation of this nature it’s also important to have in place an effective service level agreement ensuring fast access to maintenance and swap-outs – and that’s exactly what TVC can offer.

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Domestic TV

What we call domestic TV is the sort of smart TV (or 4k TV) that you have at home. Domestic TVs are not designed to run 24 hours a day like our professional ranges, and thus are priced differently. TVC can supply all types of domestic Freeview TV as part of our supply and install services for positions where they will not be used constantly.

Most smart TVs we supply have either full HD or 4K resolutions and offer excellent value. Additionally, they’re not too heavy (unlike plasma TV and 3D TV models from a few years ago) so can be wall-mounted almost anywhere.

Sizes and types range from small smart TV models from a variety of manufacturers up to a massive 90” TV screen. A 4K LED TV screen like this will certainly be the centre of attention!

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LED Screen

An LED screen is the heart of the majority of LED wall and large screen TV systems we install today. So what is LED TV? LED TV screens are made up of three main elements: a liquid crystal display, a diffuser behind that and an LED backlight (hence the name.) Recent manufacturing advances have made LED TVs reasonably cheap to make and reliable in use.

By increasing the amount of individual pixels on a screen display (what we call pixel pitch) higher resolutions – for instance 4k or even 8k – can be achieved.

The other type of LED display screen is an OLED display that uses organic LEDs mounted on the surface of the screen – behind a sheet of glass. Due to the way these screens work, pictures are incredibly bright and clear with much deeper blacks. However, they’re far more expensive to manufacture.

Uses of an LED display screen are almost limitless. They’ll be in the video wall you last saw behind the fast-food counter recently. They’re the display screens being used for info and wayfinding in shopping centres or airports. Basically, anywhere you need to display information, digital screens are the way to do it – and TVC is the company to speak to.

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Large Format Display

Large format display screens (or LFD) are display screens specifically configured for showing information in public buildings, retail outlets and hospitality venues. Designed for 24/7 use, these robust large screen TV systems often work on IP networks and can use existing infrastructure or wireless networks. Ask TVC about IP TV and the benefits it offers.

A single screen display can be up to a 100 inch TV size and 4k HDR technology is the norm. Equipment costs are falling however so now even a 90 inch TV is a viable proposition for many smaller installations whilst an 8k TV offering incredible quality is within reach. With modern screens offering depths of only a few centimetres, today’s thin bezel TV is a world away from those black and white cubes of yesteryear!

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Video Wall

A video wall is one of the most impactful ways of keeping an audience in one place – people are simply mesmerised! And a video wall can do so much more than a large screen TV. Programmed creatively and using the right display screens and audio, an LED wall can be a prime selling tool.

Using full HD or UHD TV display screens, video walls can be any size and shape. The only limiting factor is your imagination. At TVC we have loads of experience designing and installing video walls using high quality constant use TV systems for long term performance and reliability.

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Outdoor TV

At TVC we are highly experienced in specifying screens for outdoor TV.

There are three factors to consider:

1. The equipment needs a suitable IP rating for its intended use – so it’ll probably need to be weatherproof.
2. You’ll need a bright screen television in order for it to be seen on a sunny day.
3. Will you need planning permission or other permits to be granted for the installation?

That said, an outdoor LED screen adds a huge impact to your messaging – but why not take it to the max with an outdoor video wall? At TVC we have the answers to all your questions.

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TV Buying Guide

At TVC we have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the latest types of 4k and HD TV screens. This is our quick TV buying guide to steer you through the terminology and what we look for ourselves when specifying equipment:

Technology: the vast majority of TV screens we supply and install are LED TV screens. Older technology LCD TV screens are now only rarely used.

Resolution: Depending on the requirements we’d suggest a 4K TV is suitable for most applications but smaller screens are still fine at full HD 1080p especially in a wayfinding or overhead info install.

Signal feed: IP TV is a far more flexible way or getting info onto TV screens (as opposed to feeding video and audio signals direct) and can often be integrated into existing set-ups.

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Although 4k TV has double the amount of lines as HD, each frame actually contains four times as much information. The average 4k LED TV can accept a 4k input from a number of sources but 4k TV is not yet being transmitted in the UK. 4k HDR (high dynamic range) offers a greater ‘difference’ between the whites and blacks on screens so pictures look more realistic and lifelike.


8k TV is still in its infancy and as such, equipment is still expensive although prices will inevitably reduce in time. 8k offers a vast amount more data per frame and pictures look incredibly detailed and lifelike. Even close up, you’re hard-pressed to see any lines or any flickering.

At TVC we have started to install some 8k screens for specialist applications but for most uses their greatly increased cost can’t be justified yet.


For all intents and purposes UHD and 4k are interchangeable terms when dealing with large screen TV formats.

If you DO want to get picky about it, the pixel size of a UHD picture – which is actually what we all watch of our large format display ‘4k’ screens – is 3840 x 2160 pixels whereas 4k is little wider at 4096 x 2160 – which is why when ‘pure’ 4k is shown on UHD TV, there is a black band top and bottom.


1080p is another term that’s interchangeable with HD. In fact there are several formats of HD TV that will display on HD TV screens but what we normally refer to as ‘full HD’ is 1920 x 1080 pixels in dimensions and because the scan is progressive we refer to it as 1080p.


What does HD really mean? HD TV is high definition TV and several TV stations in the UK transmit at this resolution all the time. (Others smaller ones just transmit in ‘SD’ – standard definition.) It’s become the de facto standard for TV production and newsgathering worldwide and will be around for some time to come.


LCD TVs are no longer produced in great quantities as LED TVs (see below) are superior and have definite cost and space-saving benefits.

LCD vs LED: What we call LCD TV displays are bulkier and heavier as they have thin fluorescent tubes behind the liquid crystal display to illuminate it.  They have a limited viewing angle and have mostly been superseded by LED TV.

LED Displays

LED display screens use white LEDs to illuminate the liquid crystal display. They are slimmer, more energy efficient,  and can be viewed at a far greater angle.  They offer outstanding quality for the price.

The difference between LED and LCD can be easily seen. An LED screen will also go a lot brighter making it ideal for outdoor TV or as units in an LED wall or as an individual LED display screen.

Best TV Brands

At TVC we carry many of the best TV brands as well as some that are specific to display screen applications. We regularly specify and install Samsung, Philips, LG, Mitchell & Brown, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba.

But bear in mind that the solution to the best 40 inch TV may be different for varying applications and a large screen TV used in one application or in a specific environment may not be right to replace your Samsung TV somewhere else.

At TVC we are the experts in putting systems together – so let us do the heavy lifting!

TV Brackets

All TVs must be mounted on safe and secure TV wall brackets to keep them on the wall, Although display screens are not half as heavy as they used to be it’s still important to use the correct TV brackets.

Especially in hospitality and care situations, there is a duty of care as well as a security aspect with TV wall mounts so at TVC we’ve developed a range of solutions to suit.

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