Outdoor AV

Outdoor AV

As leaders in AV, TVC have been supplying and installing outdoor solutions for several years. We provide a fully designed service, using only the latest technology to ensure you get the best outdoor AV package.

All our solutions are fully tailored by our dedicated project managers to meet your company’s specific requirements, using our wealth of knowledge and experience to find the right solution for your venue.


Outdoor screens and televisions

Our outdoor LED screen and television solutions are fully customised to your venue. We take into consideration the amount of direct light the screen will receive, what the best size would be for the number of visitors and what the ideal IP rating would be for your screen or television.

We also go one step further than just providing a base product, we also provide feature modifications that are specifically designed around outdoor use, such as added weather protection, temperature regulators and air filtration systems.

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Outdoor sound systems

As well as screens, we supply and install outdoor sound systems and speakers. Like our screens, our outdoor sound systems are weatherproof and offer sharp sound regardless of ambient noise.

Hi-fi quality audio is now possible almost anywhere with the latest advancements in outdoor sound systems. Our experts at TVC can walk you through the different options, safe in the knowledge that we have experience of installing large-scale outdoor speaker systems in many types of industries, such as pubs and restaurants, hotels, holiday parks, retail environments and arenas.

Different environments require different audio solutions, such as beam steerable audio for focused audio in large environments and speakers of all sizes, we can offer everything you need to broadcast sound outdoors no matter the venue.

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Outdoor enclosures and displays

There are a number of options when it comes to outdoor displays, here at TVC we work with the best suppliers to find an appropriate solution for your business.

Outdoor LED displays, wall-mounted screens and many more options are all available through TVC, all weatherproof and damage resistant for added protection.

Our bespoke outdoor TV enclosures offer a more cost-effective option and make it possible to use a domestic TV outside. These TV cabinets are weather resistant and lockable for added security.

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IP rating chart

So… what is IP rating?  It’s a ‘score’ that can tell you easily and quickly how resistant to moisture or to solid foreign bodies like dust any electrical item is – and thus how durable it is and how better suited to life outside. Our handy IP rating chart enables you to be able to see how the double-numeric rating is calculated.

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