Samsung The Freestyle

Samsung The Freestyle

  • A small and compact projector that’s powerfully packed and flexible by design.
  • Improvise a screen anywhere you want, perfect for use in corporate settings when streaming presentations.
  • Perfect for bigger rooms – improvise a screen up to 100″, on any flat surface – from wall to ceiling.
  • Gets the picture right, every time. Sharp image, straight screen, wherever you are. Just turn it on.
  • With crisp Full HD HDR picture quality, you’ll enjoy vibrant images and vivid colour every time you watch.
  • Powerful built-in speaker, for 360-degree audio on the move.
  • Can fit in one hand – small and compact but powerful.

Fits in one hand

Compact Design

Meet The Freestyle. A small and compact projector that’s powerfully packed and cleverly designed.

Auto Focus

Samsung The Freestyle automatically focuses for a sharp, clear image in seconds. So you can just focus on the moment.

Uneven ground? No problem

Auto Levelling

No matter how it’s positioned, Samsung The Freestyle instantly straightens the screen. So even if it’s placed on a tilted ground, you’ll always get a perfectly levelled screen.

Connect The Freestyle to an external battery pack to enjoy a portable screen, wherever you go. The Freestyle is compatible with external batteries that are USB-PD and 50W/20V output or above.

Unlike conventional, boxy projectors, The Freestyle’s versatile cradle allows rotation of up to 180 degrees, enabling users to show high-quality video anywhere – tables, floors, walls or even ceilings – no separate screen required.


*Compatible external battery required for outdoor use and sold separately. USB-C type power cable included. **Samsung is not liable for 3rd party external batteries.

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