Digital Menu

Digital Menu

More and more frequently, restaurants and takeaways are choosing digital signage for their digital menu boards. Here at TVC, we have vast experience within the industry, working with a number of clients to find the perfect digital menu solution for their businesses.

What is a digital menu?

A digital menu is a screen that displays your business’ menu in a highly visible format. It is easily changeable and can display animation and videos to catch the customer’s eye and display your meals.

Save time and money

There are countless benefits to using a digital menu board rather than a printed or written one. The most obvious being how much easier it is to use.

Say goodbye to manual changes and high printing costs and say hello to simple usage and environmentally friendly digital options.

With a digital menu, it’s merely a case of implementing specialist software like MySign to easily arrange scheduled changes and to use custom templates. This removes the need to constantly alter the menu according to breakfast, lunch and dinner changes, and you can even schedule changes to continue throughout the evening, so even when your business is closed, your digital menu is still working to bring in more revenue.

Create a memorable customer experience

With so much competition, takeaways are having to take things to the next level to entice customers in. A digital menu in the window of your premises will encourage members of the public to stop and look, especially if you use attention grabbing animation and videos.

Use the video option to show your chefs expertly cooking the meals, or of happy customers enjoying the cuisine. These simple steps are sure to create a positive impression with customers and potential customers, which in turn, will generate more custom for your business!

Professionalism is key

Hand-written menus are fast becoming a thing of the past, and it’s clear to see why. Hand-drawn menus look great… that is, if you have a renowned calligrapher on your pay roll.

Most manually written menus look messy, with chalk or pen marks from last week’s menu and sloping text.

A digital menu takes your business’ professionalism to the next level, with a clear, attractive menu with images to show your customers an accurate portrait of your meals.

Solutions and installations

It’s important to find the right digital signage option for you. Does your business just need a digital menu, or would a touch-screen option be more appropriate?

Our expert team have worked with countless clients within the industry and will be able to guide you in the right direction for your business. We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to find solutions for any venue.

In addition to this, our adept installations team will be waiting in the wings, ready to deliver and install your digital menu solution in a timely and professional fashion so you can rest easy and reap the benefits of a brand-new system.

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