"When TVC asked us to help with the mounting solutions for 80/20 Health Bar & Kitchen we knew exactly what to provide"

The 80/20 Health Bar & Kitchen, Bolton | Case Study

Retail Technology Solutions

The new 80/20 Health Bar & Kitchen (www.healthbarkitchen.com) on Blackburn road, Bolton was launched to provide the service of fast food but delivered in a healthy way (www.wellmeals.co.uk). The owners wanted the flexibility to update their menus, prices and offers in real-time, a feature that their existing set-up could not achieve. The main requirement of the updated menu system was to increase sales and improve the margin per sale whilst removing printing costs associated with menu updates. The implementation of digital signage provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase the meals and increase the amount of sales revenue from each transaction.

The Brief

Our Managing Director, Mat Brown, visits the business regularly and is well acquainted with how well they operate, from a focus on promoting healthier eating right through to being part of the Bolton community. Drawing from our digital signage experience we recommended that they focus on the pictures of the food above the counter to drive the interest in the products and increase sales. If you invest in digital there is an environmental and long term cost benefit due to reduced printing of menus and marketing material.

In order to fulfil the client request of driving revenues, in collaboration with Samsung, B-tech & MySign, we installed five 43” Samsung hospitality screens to display the restaurant menu clearly to clientele. Content is controlled by a Raspberry Pi media player and the intuitive MySign Content Management System (CMS). The MySign system is a fast publish media content service that can be included in the installation of media display systems. Set up in landscape mode these screens take prime location above the serving area and provide a digital focal point for incoming customers.

The Delivery

Matt Nixon, Key Account Manager, B-Tech International Limited.

“When TVC asked us to help with the mounting solutions for 80/20 Health Bar & Kitchen we knew exactly what to provide. The five ‘menu board’ screens above the counter are mounted onto our System X modular rail solution, which can be easily upscaled to accommodate for more screens if necessary. The screens lock onto the rail securely and offer different levels of tilting functionality, so the screens can be set to the optimum viewing angle for the customer in store”

We also installed a single 43” Samsung Hospitality Screen in portrait mode as a full digital signage screen. This displays the time, date, weather forecast, adverts and videos. This content is also powered by the new MySign CMS system. Not often seen in this type of establishment our client feels that this has given the health bar an added selling point, customers can now keep up to date with current news and offers whilst they wait for their healthy meal!

Jerome Slater, AV Northern Channel Manager (SEUK), Samsung.

“Digital signage display options are abundant, especially in the food retail vertical. Understanding what solution to go for can sometimes be confusing. But working closely with TVC in understanding the application and philosophy of ‘80/20 Health Bar & Kitchen’, we suggested the Samsung DCJ series. This product range is ideal for commercial environments that require the need to improve communications without incurring significant costs. The DCJ series offers affordable signage with full HD resolution, 16/7 reliability and continuous 300 nit brightness levels. The DCJ series has a multitude of embedded ports that extend connectivity for seamless content sharing, all while maintaining a sleek and stylish design that makes for a welcome addition to any environment”.