Outdoor LED Displays

Utilising audiovisual equipment outdoors provides a unique set of challenges, with a whole range of environmental factors impacting on the performance and quality of your picture and sound.

TVC supply equipment that performs to the highest quality outdoors, including specially-designed outdoor screens, audio systems, enclosures and displays. We design all of our outdoor solutions according to the environment in which you want to locate your equipment.

Outdoor screens and equipment are ideal for shopping centres, educational institutions, pubs, hotels, sporting events, stadiums, restaurants; take a look at our case studies for some examples of outdoor installations we’ve carried out.

Pubs and restaurants can particularly benefit from outdoor AV in smoking areas and beer gardens, with live broadcasts of sporting events and TV giving people a reason to visit your establishment, stay longer and spend more – increasing your revenue.

Outdoor Screens and Televisions

The outdoor screens we supply at TVC include weatherproof models, allowing you to broadcast whatever the weather. With screens featuring anti-glare technology, your outdoor broadcasts will be crystal clear even in direct sunlight.

Our screens also feature specific modifications such as fans to maintain the internal temperature of the screen, regressed rear inputs for protection against the elements and air filtration systems to keep out dust, dirt and moisture.

Outdoor screens are rated according to IP rating (or ingress protections), which define the sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against foreign bodies. We will advise you on the ideal IP rating for your screen according to an assessment of your premises and requirements.

Outdoor Image

Outdoor Sound Systems

As well as screens, we supply and install outdoor sound systems and speakers. Like our screens, our outdoor sound systems are weatherproof and offer sharp sound regardless of ambient noise.

With options such as beam steerable audio for focused audio in large environments and speakers of all sizes, we offer everything you need to broadcast sound outdoors.

Outdoor Enclosures and Displays

For permanent outdoor audiovisual fixtures, we design and install enclosures and displays that provide constant protection for your equipment regardless of the weather. These displays can be produced in company colours and with designs of your choice for an aesthetically pleasing outdoor audiovisual solution.