" TVC has been imperative in improving the way we communicate with our customers"

Bolton Arena | Case Study

Retail Technology Solutions

Bolton Arena, a premier sporting and leisure venue, provides a variety of world-class facilities and event spaces, to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved with sports and a healthier lifestyle.

Sticking by their mission statement, to offer the best sporting facilities in the area, Bolton Arena wanted to improve the customer experience for their members and visitors by adding the latest technologies available, including high-spec digital signage solutions.

The Brief

Bolton Arena wanted to install a variety of high-spec screens throughout the venue, including in their main gym area and, install touch screen totems in the lobby to welcome guests with useful information.

Whilst the Arena did not need the touch screen capability at the time of installation, they wanted to ‘future-proof’ their technology investment, meaning that they could enable the touch functionality at any point without further investment in hardware.

The Delivery

Following an initial discussion, our experts worked with the Arena to completely understand both their short-term and long-term needs.

Our team installed two Promultis totem screens, lined up symmetrically in the foyer each side of the entrance walkway, powered by the intuitive MySign software to allow the team to quickly and easily edit the display by simply clicking a button.

John Ashley, Head of Commercial at Bolton Arena commented: “The digital signage solution provided by TVC has been imperative in improving the way we communicate with our customers. The rotational system allows us to inform and update our customers with latest news, products and upcoming events. The digital signage has also allowed us to transform our advertising packages, allowing our advertisers to gain maximum exposure through a fully integrated powerful digital display network. We have seen 95% growth in terms of advertising revenue, since installing the MySign system. The system is clean and simple to use, allowing you to change or replace digital signage almost instantly. The media rules function, also allows administrators to communicate certain messages on certain days and times.’’

In the gym area, the team installed 6 Mitchell & Brown 55-inch 4k screens, allowing for multiple uses of both displaying Sky channels and promotions. As Bolton Arena’s strategy and customer experience plans develop, there are plans for more technology to be installed in other areas of the facility.