Samsung The Terrace TV

Engage customers in any outdoor environment

Samsung The Terrace TV brings together key features optimised to create the most impactful visual experience in any outdoor environment. QLED 4K picture quality and 2000-nits brightness ensure superior picture quality and visibility regardless of sunlight, while IP55 grade protections ensures the display can withstand any outdoor conditions.

The Terrace for business

The Terrace for business provides flexible functionality suited for a wide range of outdoor retail spaces and businesses looking to do more with their TV, while not overburdening staff with complicated features.

From menu boards to providing advertising and promotion alongside TV programs, The Terrace for business is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a straight forward and effective way to communicate with customers.

Solution for a wide range of outdoor business needs

The Terrace TV provides flexible functionality suited for a wide range of outdoor retail spaces and businesses looking to do more with their TV. Never miss a moment of action, even on bright and sunny days, thanks to the Anti-Reflection Screen and an ultra-bright picture, which automatically adapts to the viewing environment.

Ultra-bright picture quality, powerful performance

With 4K QLED and the ability to deliver 2000 nit brightness levels, you can now experience superior picture quality and optimised visibility for outdoor environments. Direct full array adjusts dark and light tones scene-by-scene, while Quantum HDR 32x sets an incredible new standard of detail in bold contrast and brightness, powered by 16/7 operation to meet the demands of your business.

More visibility, less glare

The Terrace TV features impressive anti-reflection technology, greatly reducing TV reflection and glare while also enhancing picture contrast levels. Sunny days are now perfect days to ensure customers enjoy an epic outdoor entertainment experience, watching big blockbusters or big games on a brilliant QLED 4K screen.

Surroundings change, picture stays perfect

Actively adapt to the viewing environment by automatically adjusting the brightness. Experience perfect picture, no matter what time of day or the content your customers are watching.

TV that was made to live outdoors

Weather-Resistant Durability (IP55 Rated)

Rain or shine, enjoy outdoor entertainment all year round. With an IP55 rating, The Terrace brings spectacular TV viewing to your favourite outdoor spaces – and keeps it protected against water, dust and heat*. Finally, enjoy entertainment outdoors without worrying about soggy days.

* Protection from water and dust based on IP55 (International Protection Rating) standard and operating smoothly at temperatures between -30 to 50℃.* IP55 (Ingress Protection Rating): Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IEC 60529).

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