A tremendous AV transformation breathes a new lease of life into the Fountain, Soham

The Fountain, Soham Pub

A communal hub for the residents of Soham, the Fountain pub recently underwent a six-figure renovation that included a pub-wide AV refurbishment, and marked the occasion with a grand re-opening.

Now, when you venture into the Fountain, patrons will experience a large assortment of Samsung 4K LED Hospitality TVs situated around the outer walls of the pub, alongside a full auditory upgrade using the latest Audac loudspeakers to improve the complete user experience when they are enjoying a drink in their favourite local pub.

Bar/Lounge Area

Looking around the vast bar/lounge area, we have installed five Samsung Hospitality LED TVs ranging from 32” to 65”.

These commercial screens are manufactured with both the customer and pub owner in mind. Designed to operate on a continuous basis, people taking in the atmosphere of the Fountain won’t have to worry about the screen they’re viewing overheating and can watch the latest sporting action with peace of mind.

Moving towards the audio experience and the Fountain’s customers will now be welcomed to the pub by a plethora of Audac loudspeakers.

Looking at the bar area specifically, we installed four V8” 175W and two 10” subwoofer loudspeakers evenly across the area to ensure every customer gets high quality audio no matter where they are sitting.

These particular speakers provide consistent audio dispersion, allowing for anyone to hear the Fountain’s quizzes, live entertainment and so much more.

Behind the bar, we have installed a 32” Samsung Hospitality LED TV that is accompanied by MySign’s digital signage media player. One of the great benefits of the digital signage player is that all of the Fountain’s staff can display the latest drinks offers and other promotional content with supreme ease.

There is a large array of digital signage templates available with MySign’s digital signage cloud-based software for the Fountain to use. This enables any of the members of staff to modify, schedule, or update any specific pub promotions with minimal fuss.

Furthermore, the Fountain can use these existing templates and pre-load them into their schedule to be displayed at specific times throughout their opening hours.

This means that they can highlight / promote their wide ranging entertainment schedule during the day and, whilst their various musicians/live performers are playing, can then display their drinks offers.

Snug Area

Moving towards the rear of the Fountain, the snug area has been completely renovated.

Now boasting a brand new 65” Samsung 4K Hospitality LED screen, alongside another 55” with smooth motion handling.

This means that anyone who is enjoying a game of darts whilst trying to keep up with the live sports action will not have to put up with motion blur.

With this being one of the more frequented places in the pub, we have installed two Audac V8 175W loudspeakers.

These models are perfect for a busier hospitality setting, as they boast a full-range sound of up to 350 W to fit into any commercial area.

Their elegant enclosure combined with a highly complementary bass cabinet that adds punchy & deep bass makes sure that both style and quality are achieved.

To add to atmosphere later in the evenings, the Fountain now has two medium light effects installed into the ceilings in both the snug area and bar, which allows the pub to easily change the setting of the pub in the evenings.

Quotes From the Landlord

Sylvia and Phil, new Operators at The Fountain, said: “We are really proud to be at the helm of this venue and are really excited for what the future holds. With such a fantastic space to bring pub-goers together, it’s a privilege to be part of The Fountain – we’ll see you soon for a drink (or two!).”


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