A roaring renovation for the Tiger Inn, Driffield following major AV transformation

Tiger Inn, Driffield

A popular place for residents, the Tiger Inn Driffield recently reopened its doors following a six-figure investment that has included a significant AV shakeup.

When heading inside the Tiger Inn now, customers will enjoy a whole host of Samsung 4K LED Hospitality TVs throughout the whole interior, along with a full audio improvement using the latest Audac loudspeakers to enhance the entire customer experience from the moment they set foot through the door. Further to the improvements, the pub has invested in upgrading their outdoor area with an outstanding Outdoor TV.

Bar/Lounge Area

We have installed a 32” Samsung Hospitality LED TV that, as you can see from the image above, is unmissable behind the Tiger Inn’s main bar.

A great feature for this particular screen is that, thanks to MySign’s digital signage media player that is installed behind the TV, the staff at the Tiger Inn are able to easily show the latest drinks offers and other promotional content.

With an extensive range of digital signage templates available for the Tiger Inn to utilise, this enables any of the members of staff to modify, schedule, or update any specific pub promotions quickly and effortlessly.

Further to that, when using the MySign software, the Tiger Inn can pre-load these templates to be displayed at specific times during operating hours. Whether it’s promoting live sport during the day and the latest drinks offer at night, this can be done ahead of time so staff can focus on serving their loyal customers without having to worry about the screens behind them.

Looking around the lounge area, we have installed three 55” Samsung Hospitality 4K LED Screens situated evenly around the large space, ensuring that none of the live sports or quiz nights action is missed.

Durability is of paramount importance for commercial televisions and the Samsung Hospitality 4K LED screens are manufactured with this in mind.

The Tiger Inn now has the capacity to feature all the live sporting action on their brand-new TVs without the fear of overheating, as these screens are designed to operate year-round on a continuous basis.

It is not just the visual front that has received an upgrade at the Tiger Inn as we have installed a multitude of Audac loudspeakers, starting with four X6” 80W high-quality two-way ceiling speakers.

Located evenly around the lounge area, these specific loudspeakers provide consistent audio dispersion so all who enter the Tiger Inn can hear all the action with immediate ease. Whether it is live bingo calls or a sports broadcast, the Audac loudspeakers have you covered.

Sports Area

Looking at the rear of the Tiger Inn, the sports area has been completely revamped, with a fresh 65” Samsung 4K Hospitality LED screen with smooth motion handling. This means that anyone who is enjoying a game of darts whilst trying to keep up with the live sports action will not have to put up with motion blur.

Normally a popular area of the pub during operating hours, we have installed two Audac V8 175W loudspeaker.

These models are perfect for a busier hospitality area, as they boast a full-range sound of up too 350 W to fit into any commercial setting.

Their elegant enclosure combined with an outstanding bass cabinet that adds punchy & deep bass makes sure that both style and quality are achieved in equal manner.

Finally, on the internal AV improvements, the Tiger Inn has had two medium light effects installed into the ceilings in both the sports area and lounge, which allows the pub to easily change the setting of the pub in the evenings.

Tiger Inn Outdoor Area

Outdoor Area

Looking into the freshly renovated outdoor area and we have upgraded it further by installing a 55” Samsung 4K LED hospitality screen which has been fitted into a bespoke TVC outdoor TV enclosure, ensuring that all the hardware is protected from the elements.

Additionally, with the benefit of enhanced picture technology, this makes sure that glare is reduced during daytime viewing and customers can enjoy a refreshing beverage in the outdoors.

Moreover, we have additionally added two Audac 5” outdoor universal wall speakers to allow all the customers situated outside to listen to the action that is portrayed on the screen.

Given their location outdoors, protection from the elements is vitally important. With that in mind, these speakers are IP55 rated. This means that they are protected from dust and water from any direction and allows for the speakers to operate no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Quotes From the Landlord

The Tiger Inn Operator, Rhian Livingston, said: “The works that have been carried out have made the venue look brilliant, it has been given a new lease of life. The team and I hope to see as many of you as possible and look forward to this new chapter of the pub.”


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