A remarkable AV overhaul revitalises the Red Cross Inn in Reigate

Red Cross Inn, Reigate

A communal gathering place for the residents of Reigate, the Red Cross Inn recently underwent a six-figure renovation, which encompassed a comprehensive AV upgrade throughout the pub. It has recently reopened its doors to the public.

Now, when you stroll into the Red Cross Inn, customers will now be able to experience a completely refurbished auditory experience using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Further to that, we have also provided a range of Samsung Hospitality LED TVs, including a brand-new TVC Outdoor TV enclosure for their beer garden at the back of the pub.

Red Cross Reigate Dart Board

Sport Area

Looking at the raised area of the venue, we have both supplied and installed two Samsung 4K LED Hospitality TVs.

Available in 43” and 55” dimensions, these commercial screens are crafted with the consideration of both the customer and pub owner. Engineered for continuous operation, the proprietors of the Red Cross Inn can enjoy the latest sporting events without concern about the screen overheating, ensuring a worry-free viewing experience for their patrons.

Moving towards the audio setup and the Red Cross Inn’s customers will now be welcomed into the raised area by three evenly spaced out Audac V8” 175W loudspeakers, so all customers are looked after spectacularly well on an auditory level.

The consistent audio dispersion offered by these specific speakers ensures that the quizzes, live entertainment, and various other activities at the Red Cross Inn can be heard by everyone.

To enhance the ambiance during the later hours, the Red Cross Inn has recently fitted two medium lighting fixtures into the ceilings. This enables the pub to effortlessly alter its atmosphere in the evenings.

Red Cross Reigate Behind The Bar

Main Bar

At the bar, we’ve set up a 32” Samsung Hospitality LED TV paired with MySign’s digital signage media player. One notable advantage of this digital signage player is its user-friendly interface, allowing all Red Cross Inn staff to effortlessly showcase the latest drink specials and promotional content.

MySign’s digital signage cloud-based software provides a diverse selection of templates for the Red Cross Inn to utilize. This empowers any staff member to easily customize, schedule, or update specific pub promotions with minimal hassle.

Moreover, the Red Cross Inn can take advantage of these ready-made templates by pre-loading them into their schedule, ensuring they are displayed at designated times throughout their operating hours. This capability enables them to highlight and promote their extensive entertainment schedule during the day. Additionally, while various musicians or live performers are performing, the digital display can feature their drink offers.

Red Cross Reigate Bar Area 2

Small Bar

Moving towards the back of the Red Cross Inn, the small bar area has been completely renovated.

Now boasting a brand new 55” Samsung 4K Hospitality LED screen, alongside another 50” with smooth motion handling.

This means that anyone who is enjoying the latest sporting action being broadcast live will not have to put up with motion blur.

With this being one of the quieter sections in the pub, we have installed three Cloud 4” 100v loudspeakers in black.

These models are perfect for a calmer hospitality setting, which has a 4.0-inch woofer that features a substantial magnet structure, a treated paper cone, and a butyl rubber surround, ensuring enduring, low distortion performance. Along with that, they have aesthetic advantages of their magnetic ZeroEdge grille with removable badge. This allows the Red Cross Inn to have a speaker system that doesn’t impede on their internal décor.

Red Cross Reigate Outdoor Area

Outdoor Area

A real benefit for the upcoming summer months is having an Outdoor Area to enjoy the Summer of Sport ahead and the Red Cross Inn has a revamped exterior section.

We have provided and installed a 55” Samsung 4K LED TV that is protected from the elements by a TVC Outdoor TV Enclosure.

This will now allow patrons of the Red Cross Inn to enjoy a refreshing beverage outside in the upcoming summer months without having to miss out on any of the various sporting events that will be shown at the venue.

Quotes From the Landlord

Andrew Kay, Operator at Red Cross Inn, said: “We have plenty of amazing new offers for everyone to get stuck into, and the team and I are excited to have some fun and create amazing memories with guests. This is an exciting new chapter for the pub, and we look forward to welcoming new and old faces alike.”


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