Little Driver Pub Boasts an Impressive 9-foot Video Wall Thanks to TVC

Little Driver 4


The Little Driver is a traditional East London pub founded in 1869. Now just one large room, the pub has lots of charm and character. It is home to various TV screens for live sport viewing and a juke box for the karaoke lovers! Boasting a spacious outdoor area with sheltered seating, customers can enjoy an ice-cold beverage outside no matter what the weather. TVC embarked on an AV upgrade at the Little Driver including the supply and install of various Hospitality TV screens, a video wall and audio products throughout.


In the Main Bar area, new owners wanted to enhance the TV offering by adding 1 x 65” Samsung Hospitality 4K LED TV and 1 x 55” Samsung Hospitality LED TV on Peerless flat TV brackets. To display the more popular live sport matches on a huge scale, the customer envisioned a giant screen next to the bar. With our wealth of experience in configuring video wall displays, we were able to bring this vision to life. 4 x Samsung 55” video wall panels were mounted in a square formation creating an impressive 9-foot video wall. The ultra-thin bezels of the screens allow for distraction free images and the ultimate level of viewing for customers. The 4 digital displays were linked up to a Wyrestorm 1:4 HDMI splitter which emits one image across all 4 screens without compromising on quality.


In the Rear Bar area, 1 x 65” Samsung Hospitality 4K LED TV and 1 x 55” Samsung Hospitality LED TV were fitted on Peerless flat TV brackets. We opted specifically for Hospitality TVs because they are designed to run for 16+ hours per day. To accompany the TV screens in this area, 2 x Cloud 6” 100V loudspeakers were included on swivel brackets.


2 x 32” Samsung Hospitality LED TVs were mounted directly behind the bar to display current drinks offers and pub marketing materials. The client requested that the content on screen could be edited or updated at pub level by staff who were trained on the system. We decided that the ideal solution would be a digital signage player with bespoke MySign digital signage software and templates.


Little Driver 2


In the Outdoor Area, the customer sought to transform the simple beer garden into a fully equipped outdoor viewing area that could be enjoyed by all. 6 x individual sheltered wooden booths with seating were added and a single 32” Samsung Hospitality LED TV was fixed in each booth. The TV screens were then secured with a TV Shield Outdoor Enclosure, protecting them from adverse weather conditions and damage. An additional 55” Samsung Hospitality LED TV was mounted in the middle of the beer garden for bigger groups to congregate around when watching popular sport matches. This was secured with a bespoke TVC Outdoor TV Enclosure and was fitted on a Peerless flat TV bracket only mm from the wall. The newly renovated Outdoor Area will encourage group spirit at the Little Driver, especially during sporting events such as the World Cup.


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