Game Nation | Case Study

Retail Technology Solutions

Game Nation is the UK’s third largest operator of high street slots clubs with over 60 locations across the country. Established in 2019, they are leading the way in a new standard of adult high street entertainment.

The Brief

When expanding their footprint to the Tottenham area, Game Nation contacted TVC requesting multiple digital display screens to be supplied and fitted throughout the new premises. This included digital window displays in the shop window, controlled by a digital signage solution to easily upload and schedule content on. In addition, the client wanted premium TV screens mounted in various locations around the building, to stream live sport and keep their customers updated with current offers.

The Delivery

After a detailed discussion with the client regarding their expectations from the installation, it was decided that MySign Cloud Based Digital Signage Software, connected to 3 x 55” NEC High Bright large format display screens would be an ideal solution for the shopfront. They required an intuitive digital signage solution that could be quickly and efficiently updated companywide or by staff at shop level. The NEC digital displays offer crisp and bold images and a maximum brightness of 2700cd/m² while minimising power consumption use through a programmable ambient light sensor. They are perfect for displaying Game Nation marketing materials / offers in all weather conditions.

Another requirement was to stream live sport and it be visible to customers no matter which slot machine they’re playing on. 4 x Mitchell and Brown 50” UHD digital screens were suspended from the ceiling in a unique scoreboard style formation using B-Tech ceiling mounts and a B-Tech Square Format Bracket. This set-up now provides a state-of-the-art 360-degree viewpoint for customers. A Wyrestorm HDMI splitter was then connected to the LED display screens offering reliable and balanced signal management across each TV.

The final prerequisite before opening the store, was to welcome customers into the building with the latest Game Nation promotional offers and updates. To achieve this, a Vestel 55” Ultra Narrow Bezel display screen was secured in a portrait position using a B-Tech vertical mounting rail in the doorway. With a maximum brightness of 700 cd/ m², these digital display screens also have a customisation of brightness levels using a brightness scheduling feature. This is the first thing you see when entering the store and was linked to the same Cloud Based Digital Signage Solution as the window display screens which permits multiple devices to be managed on a single platform whilst maintaining consistent promotional messaging.