A Destination For Socialising With Friends And Family

The Commercial, Armley

The Commercial pub in Armley, Leeds reopened earlier this year after previously being a pub attached to a historic hotel. It has now been transformed into a destination for socialising with friends and family with complete audio and AV refurbishment inside and out. A total of eight new Samsung hospitality screens have now been installed in the Commercial pub including one situated outside in the beer garden so you can still enjoy the football while also soaking up the sun!

Front Bar Area

Behind the main bar, you will find a 43” Samsung Hospitality LED TV that has been fitted and is being used as an advertising screen for the pub. It showcases offers for food and drink and highlights the entertainment, that customers can expect each night of the week.

The advertising screen is powered by a MySign digital signage media player. The user-friendly software has a variety of digital signage themes, making it simple for staff to update and renew the pub’s content quickly.

We also installed two 55” Samsung Hospitality screens positioned within the seating areas around the front bar making them perfect for viewing the latest live sporting events while the locals enjoy a drink. With rich colours as well as high-contrast LEDs, they are ideal for broadcasting any live sporting events for their guests. These screens are also built for longevity, with reinforced ports and dust-resistant construction, making them perfect for commercial use.

In terms of audio, we installed 3 Cloud 6″ 100v speakers, which provide a superb audio experience with a clear bass response. These speakers will be excellent for contributing to the creation of an immersive viewing experience.

Rear bar area at The Commercial, Armley

Rear Bar Area

In the rear bar area, three 55” Samsung LED hospitality screens were installed and positioned around the bar to ensure that no action will be missed regardless of where you are. With smooth motion handling these screens can handle high speed and fast action content like live sporting events with ease!

We also mounted 2 Cloud 6″ 100v speakers. This is a type of loudspeaker that has been specifically built for use in commercial audio systems. Another great aspect of these speakers is that they can be installed on the ceiling or on solid surfaces. This makes them suitable for commercial settings such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, and bars. They are built to be long-lasting and dependable in order to resist the rigours of commercial use.

The pool and DJ at The Commercial, Armley

Pool/ Karaoke Area

The pool and karaoke area within the pub has had one new 65” Samsung 4K LED hospitality screen installed front and centre within the room acting as a centre of attention and perfect for a performing area for anyone that wishes to sing karaoke. This, paired with two Audac loudspeakers, one Audac subwoofer and two medium lighting effects, will create a perfect lively atmosphere within the pub, helping to keep the pub’s customers engaged and entertained.

The outside area The Commercial, Armley

Outside Area

Finally, the outside setting area also benefitted from a brand new 55” Samsung LED TV hospitality screen installed underneath the outside canopy. It is encased within a bespoke TVC outdoor TV enclosure, which allows the screen to be left outside all year. The Outdoor TV enclosure provides resistance to wind, rain, and other harsh weather conditions, resulting in a screen that can be used outside without the increased costs associated with a fully weatherproof outdoor TV.

Along with a complete refurb, the Commercial pub has also had a new pub operator assigned in the way of Ed Whittingham: “I am hugely looking forward to being a part of this community and sharing all of the recent enhancements to this unique pub with its regulars old and new!”


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