Information and Communication Solutions

Digital Sigane Hotel TV

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way to dispatch information to staff and guests where it is most relevant. For example information screens can be put in reception areas, conference rooms and guest rooms. Digital signage is also a great way to advertise activities, local businesses, show news feeds and video on the same screen which means your televisions can inform as well as entertain.

Our range of digital signage options allows us to use the latest technology to benefit guests and staff. Opening a vast range of options from simple advertisements to messages via Facebook and You Tube on the latest Smart TV’s.

We use digital signage to produce cost effective solutions from digital information boards displaying what’s on, menus and other essential information.

Products and Solutions

Touch Screen Technology

The latest range of interactive touch screen technology is available from manufacturers such as Samsung and Philips. The screens are available as wall mountable units and can be either in a landscape or portrait orientation.

Deliver vital information or marketing messages to your audience in crystal clear clarity. Thanks to the interactive touch screen, you can also engage your customer much more closely.

Ideal for public areas, provide an easy way for your customers and guests to access the information they need whilst on site at your establishment.

LFD screen

Large Format Display Screens

Whatever the size of your Hotel, the versatility of these screens means that you can use them however you think you will benefit from them the most.

By using large format display screens to project posters, adverts or general messages you are engaging with existing and potential customers whenever they walk through the doors and enter the building.

Samsung, LG and Philips all offer a range of high quality Large Format Displays and are designed to run 24 hours a day. They can also be used in either a landscape or portrait orientation.

Outdoor Screen Hotel TV

Outdoor Signage Screens 

Attract and engage with potential customers using the latest outdoor signage screen solutions.

Designed for permanent placement outdoors, provide an optimum viewing experience with strengthened protection glass, a display ideal for heavy duty 24/7 operation and high brightness visuals ensuring your message stays crisp and clear.

Wayfining Screen


Welcome guests and visitors alike with digital wayfinding screens. Impress visitors with up-to-the-minute information about amenities, attractions, events, weather and traffic. Wayfinding display solutions complement your business with the help and direction many visitors are looking for. Wayfinding screens are ideally placed in hotel lobbies, receptions and public walkways.

Digital solutions can also raise revenues: Use your displays to promote your bar or restaurant, advertise new package deals, or refer visitors to local attractions or business partners.