Clevertouch Solutions for every organisation.

Clevertouch design solution-based products that enable collaboration whilst empowering business leaders and staff to maximise their potential. Offering interactive displays that allow you to inform, educate, and encourage teamwork and idea-sharing.

Whichever type of team you are a part of, there will be a Clevertouch solution for you. From education to enterprise, and everything in between.


See below how Clevertouch Technologies can work for your industry.


Clevertouch Enterprise AV Solutions

From the boardroom to the meeting space, the Clevertouch all-in-one Enterprise AV Solutions can transform workspaces into an integrated, seamless experience, from reception and booking systems through to in-meeting interactive displays.


Interactive Displays for Business

Improve the way you connect and collaborate. Interactive displays for business combine high-quality advanced technology with an intuitive user experience to enrich presentations, meetings, and lessons.


Innovation by design

With over a decade of innovation, Clevertouch offer multi-award-winning touchscreens that are designed for ease-of-use, security, and adaptability. With sizes ranging from 55″ to 86″, PC or tablet-mode options, and a magnificently clear 4K resolution, their range of interactive displays for business are the ideal choice, whatever your budget.


Elevate Meetings with UX Pro Displays

When looking for interactive displays for business, look no further than the Clevertouch UX Pro. Designed for seamless collaboration, the Clevertouch UX Pro enables your staff to share groundbreaking ideas – whether they’re in the meeting room, at home, or on the move.

As part of the Enterprise Ecosystem, participants can wirelessly share any content, use any software, and share any screen, facilitating effective and productive meetings.


Clevertouch UX Pro Gen 2

Powerful and feature-rich 4k touchscreen. Transform the way you do business with UX Pro – designed for a truly collaborative experience.


Full range of sizes: 55″ 4k | 65″ 4K | 75″ 4K | 86″ 4K

Let the ideas flow without interruptions. Meet in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, or have colleagues call in remotely to share your screen. No wires, no waiting, no fuss. Share content from any device, on any platform, and use all the programs, software, and apps that your business relies on. Increase productivity and make your meetings more fluid.


Clevertouch IMPACT Plus Gen 2™

So much more than just an interactive touchscreen. Powerful and feature rich – IMPACT Plus is designed for today’s digital classroom.


Full range of sizes: 55″ 4k | 65″ 4K | 75″ 4K | 86″ 4K

Designed by teachers, for teachers, IMPACT Plus is more than just an interactive touchscreen, it delivers a truly intuitive and collaborative experience. Feature-rich, with solutions for free teachers from the constraints of the restrictive traditional classroom. Make lessons extraordinary with the new IMPACT Plus.


Clevertouch IMPACT Gen 2™

So much more than just an interactive touchscreen. Feature-rich and budget-friendly Interactive large format display designed for the blended learning environment.


Full range of sizes: 65″ 4k | 75″ 4K | 86″ 4K

The perfect all-around solution for the modern classroom. Featuring high precision technology, LYNX Whiteboard, Cleverstore, and Snowflake – IMPACT helps save time lesson planning with lots of resources and learning activities.

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