Wigan Council | Case Study

Corporate Technology Solutions

The Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council is the local authority for the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan in the United Kingdom.

TVC continue to support the ongoing roll out of installs across the Wigan Council estate including Wigan Town Hall, Leigh Town Hall & Wigan Life Centre.

The Brief

During the Covid pandemic and beyond, Wigan Council wanted to keep in contact with both colleagues & clients remotely, they needed a high-quality, reliable, and easy to use video conferencing set up for multiple use across a variety of room types / setups.

The Delivery

Small/medium rooms

All small/medium sized rooms were fitted with a Polycom Studio USB Camera which has a smart camera, microphone & speaker all built into one device. With group framing and automatic speaker tracking built in, everybody on the video call can see the important details – right down to body language and facial expressions. They also had a Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub installed which is a dedicated Microsoft Teams touchscreen which enables video conferencing without the need to plug in a laptop. Save time and money with one-touch meeting start, participants can avoid dial-in delays and begin collaborating immediately. . Finally, all small/medium sized rooms had a 65” Samsung Hospitality display included, the crystal UHD display ensures crisp and vivid colour expression so users can experience every subtle detail.

Large rooms

In all larger rooms, it was agreed that TVC would install the Eagle Eye Director 2 Bundle. Consisting of a high-end automatic camera with a sophisticated positioning system it provides accurate close-up views of the person who is speaking It is generally for use in large rooms where you could be up to 15 meters from other colleagues. In addition, separate Audio Technica Hanging Microphones were installed, they are specifically designed for suspension in conference rooms whereby capture of audio over a range up to 360-degrees is required. KEF in ceiling speakers were fitted to ensure excellent sound quality, dispersed widely and evenly throughout the room.

Outside all small, medium & large rooms, a Joan 6 Room Booking Solution was installed, perfect for management of meeting rooms and huddle spaces. Book them remotely or on the spot, allowing staff to check in & avoid the rooms being double booked.

Condeco Desk Booking Solutions were also used in all the open plan offices, Wigan Council has undertaken agile working so staff no longer have dedicated desks. This technology enables them to book a desk through a visual floorplan, you can locate the perfect space for your needs and immediately book it for the time you need it, whilst also being able to keep 2 metres apart where required to control the spread of Coronavirus.