Cranswick Foods | Case Study

Corporate Technology Solutions

Originating from a group of hardworking pig farmers in 1975, Cranswick Foods has gone from strength to strength since expanding into food production in the early 1980s. Due to their unrivalled production facilities, outstanding innovation, and passionate network of staff, Cranswick is one of the UK’s leading fresh food producers with 19 locations and counting.

The Brief

The client approached TVC to aid in a considerable AV transformation at the Cranswick Continental Foods offices in Bury, Lancashire. They required the roll-out of a fully comprehensive TV system in their canteen for staff to enjoy while eating their lunch, but with the option to also display important company information and messaging simultaneously across the digital displays. In addition, they planned to replace some existing 65” TV screens in the foyer and offices with new eye-catching 85” digital displays.

The Delivery

Cranswick Foods prides themselves on maintaining its employee-centric company culture, even after growing exponentially over the years. One way to continue this focus at their Bury branch was to install new digital displays in the canteen to encourage staff to socialise and enjoy their free time during the working day. Additionally, for employees whose first language is not English, the screens are also used to display company news and internal messages in their native languages.

To achieve this, we opted for impressive Samsung 85” 4K UHD TV screens that offer vivid crystal colours and incredible clarity even on the most intricate details. Supported by one of Samsung’s slimmest ever frames, the digital displays were then connected to a Wyrestorm HDMI Splitter, this allows the distribution of a primary source to multiple screens, replicating the image simultaneously across the all screens without compromising on picture quality.

Finally, to meet the requirement set out by the client of streaming valuable company information and presentations across the digital displays, it was decided that cutting-edge Screenbeam Wireless Presentation Devices were the ideal solution for this function. This flexible, high-performing wireless presentation and communications platform allows users to stream important content across multiple devices at the touch of a button.

The second half of the AV installation included the swap-out of 3 x 65” existing TV screens in the Cranswick Foods foyer and offices. The impressive Samsung 85” 4K UHD Smart TVs really make an instant impact on visitors entering the building and attending meetings. These large-scale digital displays are used to present welcome messages, project plans, company calendars and marketing materials.