Bolton Arena Outdoor LED Screen | Case Study

Retail Technology Solutions

TVC Outdoor, in partnership with Bolton Arena, wanted to create an incredible new outdoor LED screen advertising opportunity to help promote the arena, their partners, and many other local brands and businesses.

Situated in a prime location at the main gateway to the UK’s largest retail and leisure park, Middlebrook Retail Park, and opposite the home of Bolton Wanderers Football Club, it provides a perfect advertising platform.

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Outdoor LED & DOOH (digital out of home)

The unmissable, dual sided outdoor LED screen (2.65m x 4.8m) allows advertisers to create vibrant engaging and colourful messages, relayed to an audience that cannot fail to notice them.

Advertising on a DOOH outdoor LED screen compared to standard billboards or other traditional media delivers a significantly improved ROI with digital signage having a recall rate of 83%!*

Adverts are to be displayed for a duration of 10 seconds at a time, with 10 adverts per hour, meaning 160 adverts per day and up to 2240 adverts per week! (based on dual side advertising and 16hrs per day screen operation)

Middlebrook Retail Park welcomes 12.5 million shoppers a year, has 5,500 staff members on site and is surrounding by a 400-home residential development.

Bolton Arena has over 2,500 footballers playing per week, 110,000 gym member visits per year and 850 gymnastics club members, all contributing to over 1.2 million visitors per year.

With flexible advertising periods available contact our expert team today to discuss your requirements and ensure your business stands out from the crowd!

The Technology

TVC Outdoor provided a dual sided outdoor LED screen solution which has an IP65 rating to keep out all dust and other particles as well as being protected from any wet weather conditions.

Secured within a custom-made support frame the outdoor LED screen also benefits from automatic brightness adjustment allowing for optimal brightness in all conditions, including direct sunlight.

The screen, measuring at 2.65m x 4.8m, has a 6.6mm pixel pitch in line with the required viewing distances and is powered for 16hrs per day during peak times.

Within the control room of the outdoor LED screen framework is a series of failsafe equipment constantly monitoring for screen faults, power outages and panel faults ensuring optimum performance at all times.

Advertising content (Digital Signage) is connected to the screen via a MySign Signage Player that can be connected to and controlled remotely via the cloud from anywhere in the world. A content management system (CMS) allows the update of signage, scheduling, and ordering of advertisements, quickly and efficiently.

*Source: MySMN Digital Marketing Services