Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive touch screens

One of the fastest growing sectors in commercial technology, the market value of interactive touch screens is set to double it’s worth by 2024. This is due to an increase in reliability, a decrease in price and a much higher demand from consumers for the product.

With years of experience in designing and installing interactive touch screen packages and solutions, TVC makes sure that your business receives the best options to get the most out of your venue and circumstances.

Interactive Touchscreen Samsung Flip

Benefits of touch screen technology

Improve efficiency and enhance customer experience

Interactive touch screens allow you to connect with customers in a fun and memorable way. Studies have found that when a consumer becomes a participant (via using the interactive technology), they are much more likely to become a customer.

Touch screens will also enable you to provide a 24/7 service without any high labour costs. Our screens are designed to be used over an extended period of time, unlike standard screens which would fail after a while.

Digital kiosks are the perfect option for retail and hospitality businesses, encased in durable glass to withstand a lot of force in case of an accident.

Interactive Touchscreen Samsung Kiosk

Streamline the office

Interactive screens establish a professional and efficient environment as soon as you enter the door. Interactive lobby signage can direct your clients to the correct area at the touch of a screen and a virtual receptionist can offer them a speedy check in service, notifying the correct personnel.

Interactive meeting management stations can eliminate double bookings of boardrooms to increase productivity and avoid conflict.

For a more collaborative approach within the office, wall-mountable touch screen displays are available, allowing teams to work more efficiently, whether delivering a presentation, editing a document or any other audio-visual media.

Interactive Touchscreen Booking System


Interactive touch screens are also breaking ground in a new way to communicate with those who are limited in any way. Individuals who prefer to avoid human interaction can do so by using these screens, and some screens can be programmed with changeable font sizes, or text-to-speech audio conversions for those with eyesight issues.

Solutions and installations

When working with TVC, we provide a highly skilled and experienced manager for your project, so that we can ensure all your needs are fully met. We will advise the best available options for you and ensure you receive the best digital kiosk solution for your business.

It may be that you want to install the equipment yourself, however, TVC also offer a full installation package. Our team of proficient installers will make the entire experience stress-free and provide a professional service to make sure your equipment is set up correctly.

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