Portfolio Everything Property | Case Study

Retail Technology Solutions

Portfolio Everything Property is a well-established and growing company offering a wide range of products and services to meet your every need.

They welcome projects of any size from small home improvements through to extensions, complete refurbishments, and new builds.

Having recently relocated from NewBank Garden Centre in Bury, to a prominent location on Higher Lane in Whitefield, Portfolio wanted to explore possible outdoor digital signage advertising opportunities.

The Brief

Portfolio intended to take full advantage of a desirable advertising opportunity presented to them by the location of their new showroom by installing a outdoor digital signage solution. Situated on a busy road, with high traffic volumes and adjacent to traffic lights, it would provide a captive audience to promote to.

Partnering with Corner House Design, a design and print agency that they have a long-standing relationship with, they plan to promote both businesses whilst looking to sell advertising space to other local companies.

The outdoor digital signage solution would need to be secure from vandalism and theft, operational 24/7 and protected from the toughest of weather conditions.

The Delivery

TVC supplied and installed an outdoor digital signage solution which included a 55” High Bright Screen from DynaScan Technology situated in a prominent location on the external wall of the Portfolio showroom. High-brightness digital signage displays improve screen visibility, reducing screen glare and reflections. To give people the best viewing experience of your digital displays, high-bright screens are a must where screens are constantly exposed to sunlight.

Secured upon a bracket fitted around the display, a Armagard Security Shield provides a robust defense preventing access to the back of the unit, reducing tampering, and protecting the display from the elements.

Digital Signage is connected to the screen via a MySign Premium Signage Player that can be connected to remotely via the cloud from anywhere in the world. A content management system (CMS), allows users to update to their signage, schedule and order any advertisements, and display the right message at the right time quickly and efficiently.

Dave Evans, Managing Director at Corner House Design commented: “Digital Signage and Advertising is now a must have, it’s all around us. Working in partnership with Keith who owns Tiles by Portfolio, it allows them to deliver their latest promotions and offers in minutes, as well as other local businesses that choose to advertise with us. The High Brightness Display and Digital Signage solution provided by TVC is easy to use and I would recommend TVC to anyone that wants a better to way to promote their business and engage with their customers”.