Frederick’s Ice Cream | Case Study

Retail Technology Solutions

Frederick’s Ice Cream is a traditional Italian ice cream parlour located in the Chorley area. They are passionate about making the finest quality luxury ice cream with only the best ingredients. The recipes have been perfected over four generations of the Federici family. Frederick’s is renowned in the surrounding areas so you can expect long queues down the street as soon as the sun comes out!

The Brief

With around 120 flavours of ice cream in stock that are constantly changing and evolving, the client wanted two new digital display screens to inform customers of the latest special flavours and offers before reaching the main counter.

An indoor digital display screen was to be fitted in a clearly visible position for customers queuing and a second screen was required outside, with an Outdoor TV mirroring the same content as the digital display screen inside. The outdoor screen would need to be visible to both passing traffic and customers entering/queuing outside the building.

Connected to an easy-to-use digital signage solution, the display screens needed to allow for multiple digital posters advertising ice cream flavours, drinks, and food menus. The chosen digital signage system was to be quick and easy to update at shop level.

The Delivery

When assessing the brief given to us, it was decided that the best option for the digital display screen inside the parlour was a LG 32" Smart Digital Signage Screen mounted in a portrait position. They are designed to display dynamic content with clear picture quality, enhancing advertising effectiveness and helping to generate demand for the business’s brand and products. This TV screen is a fantastic way to upsell products to customers waiting to be served, it not only helps them decide which flavour ice cream they would like, but it also reminds them of the vast choice of beverages and other food available too.

Due to the prime location of the parlour, there is a substantial amount of passing traffic daily which the customer wanted to take advantage of. A DynaScan 55” High Bright Outdoor TV Screen was deemed the best Outdoor TV solution for this project. The digital display screen features high brightness LED backlights producing images as bright as 4000 nits, permitting direct sunlight viewable images with year-round performance in inclement weather. To ensure the Outdoor TV is protected in all weather conditions, it was secured in an Armagard 55” Portrait Outdoor TV Enclosure. The Outdoor TV Enclosure will ensure the TV screen is safe in any unfavourable weather conditions due to it being sealed to an IP54 rating.

Frederick’s has built a sterling reputation over the years and is now considered the prime location in the Chorley/Horwich area for a homemade, authentic ice cream. Keeping customers updated on what is available is vital to ensure an enjoyable experience and repeat custom. We chose a digital signage player with bespoke MySign digital signage software and templates to facilitate easy revisions to the content on screen by staff. A Wyrestorm HDMI Splitter was then connected to both TV screens, it allows content to play simultaneously without compromising on quality for consistent branding inside and outside the premises.