Why use digital signage?

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In an increasingly digital world, business owners are turning to digital signage in their journey to becoming tech-savvy as they are sales savvy.

With marketing and advertising being the most important way to reach audiences, techniques such as the use of digital displays are continually increasing.

It’s easy to see why digital screens are beginning to become more popular across the globe. But, why use digital signage?

How digital signage benefits businesses

As a banner for the business, it’s the most flexible one in the world, allowing companies to showcase their products, services and any other type of content they want, quicker and easier than ever before. And, with the sizing and formats varying in a diverse number of ways, the creative options are almost endless.

But, in what ways can they truly help? Below, we’ve highlighted five key ways the technology is benefitting businesses.

They’re time-sensitive

As we know, the digital world has made everything more accessible, and this is the same for advertisements. While a traditional print advert can have a lead time of six weeks or more, this can be too long for some companies. But, digital signage can be rolled out as quickly and easily as a social media post due to them being connected to the internet.

If you’re using digital signage in-store, and you need to update advertisements in real-time, you can do it even quicker, deciding on promotions on the day before updating the signage.

It’s costly

If you’re running print ads, it can be quite expensive. But digital adverts are much cheaper to develop and roll out as there isn’t any printing or delivery needed.

This works in the same way for point of sale displays. While screens may be costly to begin with, they’re actually dropping in price, and once they’re in, they’re in. This then removes printing, installing and delivery charges for in-store displays too.

They increase sales

While everything else may sound great in terms of convenience and cost, it’s actually been shown that digital signage displays can increase sales. This is due to digital signs increasing customer dwell time by around 30%, which in turn can increase in-store sales.


It can be interactive

While old adverts and point of sale displays just stood there, waiting to be read, digital displays take this to a whole new level. As they can be interactive, it causes potential customers to stop and interact with it, which in turn gets your display noticed.

But, there’s another side to this. As more and more people interact with the signs, it’ll allow you to learn about those customers. This ‘data-driven’ marketing technique can help you to learn more about your customer’s mindset, helping to improve advertising in the long-run.

Improve testing

Because you can switch your ads around much quicker and easier than before, this will allow you to test various messages with your customers. From switching copy to the image and even test-running video, you’ll be able to see what works in real-time to help tailor your marketing strategy to those who interact with you as a brand.

The future of digital displays

It is very apparent that signage can be very beneficial, which is what’s seen a rise in companies using it as a marketing technique. If you aren’t using it, you run the risk of lagging behind competitors as we move into a new decade.

While the cost of digital signage has decreased in the last few years, helped by the rise in demand, as we continue to move forward the world of digital signage looks to continually change for the better.

From better analytics, and more screens becoming interactive, it allows us to see how customers work to more robust hardware, helping to make bigger, better and more diverse screens, we appear to be moving into a golden age of digital displays.

One of the most interesting developments to look out for though is augmented reality. As this develops it’s helping digital signage to become much more personal to those using them, and when coupled with better analytics, will help to target those you want to reach much easier.

If you’re a company looking to move forward in the world of marketing, digital signage is a no brainer, as the industry continues to develop. 

If you’d like to learn more about the world of digital signage, why don’t you get in touch, and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you out.


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