What is QLED?

Thursday 12th September 2019

Person pointing a remote at a QLED tv

Samsung Quantum dot LED (QLED) delivers a remarkable solution for businesses looking to feature impactful content on a thin display. With its thin design and a depth of less than 40mm, it enables a smooth installation and is compatible in both portrait and landscape mode.

QLED stands for quantum dot light-emitting diode; quantum dots are the tiny dots that form a layer in front of the backlight and create the colours you see on the screen. These LED TVs have an advanced and highly durable quantum dot layer which enhances picture quality. This layer features a blue LED that creates the purest white light possible, resulting in the highest brightness levels currently on the market. QLED also offers billions of shades in comparison to the millions in a standard LED TV.

These features not only provide incredible picture quality, but they also deliver a cinema experience right at home.

QLED Tv at show


Executive Vice President of visual display business at Samsung Electronics, Seog-gi Kim, has stated that:

“by introducing 8K in display signage, businesses can deliver impeccable picture quality to their audiences in a way that was previously not possible.”

Leading industry publications all agree that its stunning 8K resolution, AI-powered upscaling, incredible picture quality with 100% colour volume and unprecedented 4,000 nits of peak brightness puts it above all the rest. Samsung is currently the only major TV manufacturer that doesn’t provide an OLED set, believing that its own QLED technology is equally as capable of providing the best quality picture.

Samsung’s QLED technology provides an impressive 33-million-pixel resolution, offering a ground-breaking, super high resolution four times higher than 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD), and is 16 times higher than full high definition (FHD). As a result, Samsung’s QLED Signage provides superior depth and detail, generating realistic images that create a revolutionary viewing experience in any business environment. The majority of TVs are LCD (liquid crystal display) and use liquid crystals; quantum dots take up the place of these liquid crystals. “Quantum dots emit vivid and precise colour when light hits them, which refines the colours to the perfect temperature and enhances brightness instantly. As a result, viewers are able to experience incredibly precise colours enhancing the quality of their viewing experience” Samsung.

8k delivers true-to-life picture quality, and is available in 65”, 75”, 82” and 85”. This is arguably Samsung’s most impressive ever  TV, that introduces the combination of true-to-life 8K HDR picture quality, AI-powered intelligent upscaling, a beautiful design and smart home technology, and a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, delivering impeccable picture quality to their audiences – even when they are viewed close by.

8k Samsung

TVC are excited to offer this as part of their vast portfolio of cutting-edge technology, with sports bars being the ideal customer, particularly ahead of a big sporting year in 2020, including the greatly anticipated UEFA Euro’s 2020, hosted across 12 cities in 12 European countries.  There is also the potential for sports bars to further maximise revenues by adding digital signage to the screen’s capability, giving the ability to promote their own offers and promotions at the click of a button.  TVC can advise, supply and install, creating a full end to end solution for customers who want to be at the forefront of technology and provide their own customers with an amazing viewing experience.

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