What is Hotel TV?

Tuesday 19th July 2022

If you’re a hotel owner looking to purchase TVs for your premises, opting for a domestic TV might seem like the easier option. The main reason being that they’re cheaper and look very similar. But there’s so many benefits to Hotel TV in comparison to Domestic TV in commercial settings that lots of buyers are unaware of. We’ve written this step-by-step guide outlining the advantages and features of Hotel TV.

A commonly asked question is “Why can’t my hotel purchase domestic televisions from the highstreet?”. TVs bought from the supermarket or online retailer will be cheaper than the equivalent model in a Hospitality TV. However, the savings you make in the beginning will quickly be dissolved by the associated costs of buying a Domestic TV for a hotel or hospitality environment. Here’s a breakdown of the reasons why:

Warranty on a Hotel TV

A Domestic TV warranty doesn’t cover you for use in a commercial environment, therefore the cost of repairs won’t be included in the warranty. The statistics for TV failures are very low (typically between 1% and 3%), however the cost of one repair will probably set you back as much money as you saved in the first place. So, all in all it’s a no brainer!

Hotel TVs are specifically designed for use in hospitality environments, so they tend to have more robust components than Domestic TVs. In addition, a Hotel TV warranty tends to run from 2 – 5 years, trumping the standard Domestic TV warranty of 1 – 3 years.

Having a faulty TV in one of your hotel rooms or no TV at all is obviously detrimental to business. Therefore, Hotel TV manufacturers always operate a quick response with either a repair or swap-out policy.

Data Privacy on a Hotel TV

Guests that enter their personal details such as email addresses or social media logins on a Domestic TV are at risk of revealing this information to the next guest in that hotel room. Hotel TVs are configured to delete all personal information before the next guest arrives giving you peace of mind.

Hospitality Settings of Hotel TV

Hotel TVs are designed to function in hospitality settings and have been developed to have several corresponding features, such as the below found on various hospitality TVs:

Channel line-ups – create a bespoke channel catalogue by removing unwanted channels. A dedicated hotel channel can be configured to be the ‘switch-on’ channel of the Hotel TV.

Start-up screen/welcome message – upload images, videos, and a welcome message to display on the Hotel TV’s designated switch-on channel.

Hotel TV

Volume levelling – set a maximum and standard switch-on volume to avoid other guests in the hotel being disturbed.

Security mode – prevents guests from tampering with settings.

Eco & low power mode – permitting cost savings for the hotel.

Remote management – manage several Hotel TVs from a central remote location or the cloud.

USB cloning – copies template settings, allowing the quick and easy set-up of multiple Hotel TVs across one or several sites.


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