Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Digital Signage 

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If you’ve moved into the world of digital signage, you know that it brings a lot to the table in terms of marketing.

However, you mustn’t get too comfortable with your digital signage to keep your business moving forward. That’s why we’ve highlighted several ways you can improve your digital signage below.

Size and style

When it comes to your digital signage, size does matter. Then again, so does the style. Therefore, you must step back and take a look at it – if you have any that is.

Then, think about what it is you’re trying to do. Chances are, you already have the artwork and the messages you’re trying to convey. If the screen is too small, you’re probably not getting the message across. Meanwhile, if you have lots of information you want to relay, placing it all on one large screen may not work, meaning you’ll need a selection of medium size screens to help convey a selection of messages without overwhelming your customers.


If you’ve already moved into the world of digital signage, but you’re not seeing much return, the issue could be something as simple as its position.

The size of your screens will help to determine where you place them. So, if you’ve opted for larger signs, placing them in a window or at areas where there’s plenty of footfall, such as near a doorway will help. Meanwhile, medium-sized screens work extremely well when placed up high, such as over a counter. Smaller screens, often used for searching, should be placed at heights that are easy for customers to see while putting up signs to point out where these screens are could also work.

Quality over quantity

With a digital screen, it can be tempting to put as much information on there as possible or use a multitude of graphics to flick between various offers and information. However, this could be having a detrimental effect.

Less is more, especially when it comes to these screens and excessive design tricks shouldn’t take the place of good content. So, maybe it’s time to take a step back and simplify the content on your screens, helping to make it clearer for current and potential customers.


You mustn’t just look at your screens as a stand-alone aspect of your store but as a wider part of your marketing and informational efforts.

This will help you get your money’s worth from your screens and everything else too. From displays to interactive mirrors that allow shoppers to see what clothes will look like on them to providing customers with a place to find items in-store and even shop in the way they would on a phone and see what offers are on, there’s so much that can be done with digital signage. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you branch out and try new things with your screens.


Ultimately, don’t fear change. It’s there to help, and we’re sure you were once worried about moving away from static displays to digital signage, and just in the way digital changed traditional, digital continues to change too.

Therefore, make sure you try new things at all times to ensure you’re making the most of these screens while improving customer experience and your business in the long run.

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