Samsung Indoor LED signage

Wednesday 8th May 2019

Samsung LED Signage

Indoor LED Retail

Indoor LED in Retail

Revitalise Indoor Customer Engagement
Samsung’s Indoor LED displays captivate customers through more realistic and memorable content. The signage series combines industry-best video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement for added clarity and sophistication. Ideal for a range of environments, from retail spaces to corporate offices and transport hubs.
Accurate Colour in Low Brightness Arena

Conventional LED displays struggle to present red, green and blue colour hues accurately in low grayscale settings. Samsung overcomes these challenges through a unique algorithm that maintains R/G/B gradation and delivers precise, detail-rich hues in low-brightness indoor environments.

Consistent, Uniform Content Delivery
Displays undergo thorough factory calibration to optimise sub-pixel uniformity, brightness and colour chromaticity out of the box. Samsung also provides convenient, DSLR camera-driven on-site calibration that prevents the need for radiant cameras and external software.

Durable, Long-lasting Performance
An energy-efficient cabinet design extends the display lifespan while reducing operational costs. The IF-E Series includes advanced temperature and ventilation management settings and a fan less design to ensure uninterrupted content delivery in potentially variable environmental conditions. View our retail projects

Corporate LED Screen

Digital Transformation, at Work
As the modern workplace evolves, businesses require more versatile displays to ensure uninterrupted communication and expand idea sharing. In particular, advanced professional displays can enhance collaboration, communication and productivity.

A Clean, Hassle-Free Installation
A hook-based design allows IF Series users
to mount screens in a single, smooth motion. This seamless installation eliminates gaps and catwalk space while keeping all front and rear components visible and accessible for quick­ turn maintenance.

Build Smarter Connections
Collaboration is the foundation of business success. Employees need powerful and flexible channels to exchange information, identify opportunities and respond to threats… and ultimately fuel overall growth.

Optimise Content Brilliance
To ensure optimal LED performance, the
IF Series displays deploy a host of picture ­enhancing features. Dynamic peaking technology combats interference from natural and ambient lighting while elevating content with peak brightness levels nearly two times higher than the standard LED signage maximum. View our projects.

Indoor LED transport

Why Digital Signage in Transportation
As technology advances, so do the preferences and expectations of travelers, seeking instant alerts and updates. Meanwhile, shippers and facility operators are constantly seeking to reduce costs, streamline upkeep, and deliver accurate and real-time information to travelers.

Airport Digital Signage
Provide timely content through information timetables, check-in counters/kiosks, DOOH/ media boards, and touchscreen wayfinders, and showcase products and promotions on duty­free shopping displays. An extensive range of signage from small to big displays, complete with Samsung’s patented cooling system.

Train Stations and Bus Terminals
Deliver real-time information or schedule changes at check-in counters, timetables, route maps, in-vehicle signage, wayfinding, kiosks. Or promote new offerings from advertisers. Advertise key promotions through digital out­ of-home ads, and DOOH.

24/7 Operation and Extra Durability

A robust digital signage solution for transportation industry has been built to address all needs and requirements of transportation customers. Sustainable and superior panel quality through use of anti­panel darkening technology. Reduced visual distractions with ultra-thin bezel videowalls and even customisable LED signage.

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